Lynching Is a Western Construct: Mohan Bhagwat

The RSS chief’s Dussehra speech is an annual ritual. Only this year, Mohan Bhagwat made more news than last time. ✊

10/09/2019 12:42 PM
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  • Aaron G.
    6 days

    sab changa si 😆

  • Md S.
    6 days

    Chaddibaz lost his mind

  • Ansar W.
    6 days

    Isko Uske khud sanghis lynch hue tak isko #lynching ki meaning na pata hogi

  • Shubhankar D.
    6 days

    Vagg madarchod..

  • Anindya T.
    6 days

    K chale...

  • J H.
    6 days

    RSS ka matlab kya hai plz....

  • Drjyoti A.
    6 days

    Utter rubbish

  • Nihwr B.
    6 days

    India's Largest Terrorist group

  • Faiz A.
    6 days

    Every year he is losing it more and more. Thanks to the mandate given to BJPee by people of India

  • Tausif R.
    6 days

    Apke yaha nahi Pakistan me ho Raha hai guruji...

  • Anant
    6 days


  • Mohit K.
    6 days

    RSS: "chaddi wahin sukhayenge" 🤔

  • Neil L.
    6 days

    When you are a grown ass old fart wearing sissy shorts everywhere and no damn person gives two flying shits about what you say.. that's when you know you have to make statements like these. God knows why we entertain such garbage.

  • Sarfaraaz Y.
    6 days

    Boot-licker of Britishers. Traitors of India.

  • Omprakash K.
    6 days

    RSS Ready for Selfless Service

  • Haider A.
    6 days

    No body died of lynchings , all of them did suicide in happiness that cow releases fresh oxygen and that's why they will get pollution free fresh oxygen to breathe

  • Sayani N.
    6 days

    rwinshodh. Low budget joker. Enjoy. Traditional jokes :3

  • Allen C.
    6 days

    Hindustan me ye kyon hai??? In jaise logon ke karan 😞😞.

  • Ashi S.
    6 days must must read.

  • Naoba N.
    6 days

    Next MP