Lynchings Continue Unabated After Modi Win

Accused of theft, this Muslim man was made to say Jai Shree Ram before the mob killed him. Is the Modi government faltering on its commitment to win the trust of India’s minorities?

25/06/2019 12:59 PMupdated: 28/06/2019 2:48 PM
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  • Keith K.
    09/07/2019 13:16

    I live in America. I was raised Christian. I dont really believe in religion anymore. Our gods of every faith allow things like this to happen? Why?? I feel. . As long as there is different religions. There will always be differences. As long as there differences. There always be hate. There will always be wolves in sheep's clothing. If its not religion. Then it might be by color of skin. As long as people see each other by color. Their will always be differences. As long as their is differences their will always be hate. Nobody in this world will ever be ever united as a whole as long as there is differences in beliefs, and color. As long as humanity as lived on this planet. We still cant seem to get it right. When will we ever be a whole? When can we believe in humanity instead of our gods. Think of all the people that died in the name of their gods. What has it got them? We'll never come together as long as there is religion. Im content knowing that I had no life before I was born. Their will be no life after I die. I just live as long as I'm on this planet. I believe we trick our minds to want a purpose to feel their is a god, and a after life to feel better about dying. And if there is a god. I hope the God has nothing to do with any of the religions that are on this planet today. To prove we were all wrong. Then we can all believe in the same god to become united. And that the god actually pick the people that were actually good, and got rid of the bad. Not because they have a title. But, until that happens. I'll just do the best I can to live my life, and help those around me on this planet while im still here breathing

  • Arees A.
    03/07/2019 20:00

    Thank u Muhammad Ali Jinnah for separting us from these kanjars... Feeling sad for Indian Muslims.,😥

  • Sambhav B.
    02/07/2019 04:18

    Not suspect , he was a thief

  • Tanvi A.
    02/07/2019 03:06

    This is utter rubbish!!

  • Adeel A.
    01/07/2019 09:20

    Fucking psychopaths

  • Gànesan M.
    30/06/2019 04:04

    Muslim man in West Bengal arrested for forcing another Muslim to say “Jai Shree Ram”

  • Azeem K.
    29/06/2019 08:41

    Plz hmy majboor mat karo aur na hi ISLAM hmy ye dars dyta h kamzor or nehata pe zulm kar0........ Pakistan mai hindu qoam nh h Kia hm Kia un logon k sth ye sb nh kr skty Kia thora is bt pe socho

  • Amir B.
    29/06/2019 06:24

    How mankind involve these type of brutality this is insane

  • Er V.
    29/06/2019 05:36

    Post some jihadi's with their slogans, can u ? I know you can't.🤣

  • Vikash T.
    29/06/2019 05:27

    Sale ye log aate kaha se h bsdk... Acche khase indian ko fight karwane pe lage hue h... Jis ne vi kiya h was not a proud moment... Shame on you

  • Lincoln A.
    29/06/2019 04:16

    That's Trump styl e of government over there, racists PM

  • Mohsin B.
    29/06/2019 03:28

    Terrorist VHP, BJP, Bajrangdal, shivering sena

  • Daniyal A.
    29/06/2019 01:27

    Khanzeer Ki Nasal..!!

  • Wajhul Q.
    28/06/2019 20:04

    Mob has not killed him. He was killed in jail by police and bjp goons

  • Amjad A.
    28/06/2019 19:33

    Shame indan government shame

  • Vikas K.
    28/06/2019 19:22

    Main hoon to BJP ka voter Parantu In Jai Shree Ram ke Haraamkhoro ko Mrityudand Dene ki appeal karta hoon. Apne desh ke bite 72 saal se satta ke sukh bhog rahe Bhrastachari Netao se

  • Uttam K.
    28/06/2019 18:22

  • Som J.
    28/06/2019 18:12

    These all happening cause of Mamta Bano

  • Saurabh S.
    28/06/2019 17:22

    If he steals he deserves to be punished but not like this 🙌 but in some middle eastern countries like Saudi Arabia punishment is even worse 💥

  • Shabbir A.
    28/06/2019 15:15

    If I'm nt wrong. This is the reality 😔😟