Mahua Moitra Excoriates BJP In Parliament

“The truth is you’ve betrayed the very citizens who voted for you.” Mahua Moitra did it again. She tore into India’s governing party. This time, over CAA, economic slowdown and rising unemployment.

04/02/2020 5:57 PMupdated: 05/02/2020 8:50 AM
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  • Vikram V.
    08/02/2021 01:54

    Lousy talk

  • Manjunath M.
    16/12/2020 11:06

    Outstanding truth......

  • Ganesan M.
    04/10/2020 03:43

    Macron vows to fight radical Islam with crackdown on foreign influence

  • Ritu G.
    24/09/2020 10:44

    Very true lam happy to hear your speech me too was not ever part of 2014 and 2019

  • Sush R.
    23/09/2020 22:57


  • ಹರೀಶ್ ಕ.
    23/09/2020 00:31

    Jai modiji Gulams 🖕🏿

  • Nanya S.
    22/09/2020 11:25

    PanKaj ShuKla

  • Siva M.
    22/09/2020 08:31

    She forgot to mention her representative region had 40%+ of peacefool community,,,,and TMC gets their votes by licking their feet

  • Shahid U.
    03/08/2020 10:50

    Highly appreciated n charged speech by moitra..

  • Sumit H.
    03/08/2020 03:30

    I love the way she dress herself!!!

  • Sumit H.
    03/08/2020 03:29

    A beautiful and very smart woman!

  • Jagan R.
    01/08/2020 18:49

    Wats mamatas speaks its honey

  • Abhishek G.
    01/08/2020 18:26

    A loud mouth Hypocrite she is, she turns deaf, dumb, blind when Trinmool Goons kill innocent people in Bengal. No wonder the leftists and you love her Brut India.

  • Santosh T.
    01/08/2020 05:08

    Madam moitra and her political for fathers has given this philosophy lecture since last 70 years promoted elitism and enjoyed the power Now people of India are well aware and not listening to these people and that is why all the shouting is going on

  • Joginder S.
    30/07/2020 04:32

    She doesn't know what CAA stands for. She only shouts

  • Ruchita P.
    29/07/2020 16:00

    Why can't this lady comments on the broad day light murder of BJP leaders in West Bengal and then hanged them in the middle of the village to create fear amongst them ,dare they support BJP...Why are u so selective in outrage? You didn't utter a single word against your Party goons your party Gundagardi, and u talk of fascism....tttccchhh look who is talking.... should first watch yourself first and then go giving gyan to others....clean your linen first Madam ji

  • Girish T.
    28/07/2020 18:31

    Ms Mahua Moitra, Greatly appreciate your thoughts about the snake in the grass Modi.Let us go shoulder to shoulder and kick his fat behind out of politics and have him arrested for the atrocities he has committed against his own citizens by tossing lakhs of Indians into ABSOLUTE poverty.

  • Md W.
    28/07/2020 05:35


  • Bikram K.
    26/07/2020 18:05

    English kha se sikhi ye bta bs

  • Anees F.
    26/07/2020 16:53

    Very good

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