Mahua Moitra Excoriates BJP In Parliament

“The truth is you’ve betrayed the very citizens who voted for you.” Mahua Moitra did it again. She tore into India’s governing party. This time, over CAA, economic slowdown and rising unemployment.

02/04/2020 5:57 PMupdated: 02/05/2020 8:50 AM
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  • Jayarajan K.
    18 hours

    U r doing the same thing what u r accusing of others....

  • Kokcheng T.
    19 hours

    Pse viral yr speech to Wion/Gavitas to highlight the real issues in India wch make Sense instead spreading hatred n war mongering abt China. An sn vier by Chinese saying.. Dont complain abt the snow in yr neighbour rooftop when your own doorsteps are unclean! Save India before it becomes Communist state like North Korea!!

  • Debabrata C.
    19 hours

    Your dal.also made same mistake.

  • Muhammad U.
    20 hours

    Modi g ki jay. A hypocrite lady talking and yelling with out nay reason.

  • Thippeswamy G.
    a day

    Salutes madam.

  • Ravindra M.
    a day

    Reh shut up ur oratory is ofno use hes won the election that's it

  • Avishek R.
    a day

    Impressive speech..

  • Kripaja V.
    2 days

    Upper class sangis need modi to fulfill their dream of manusmriti as law..they will support any foolishness ,any crime n any disaster to fulfill their dream to achieve a hindurashtra where upperclass ,brahmin supremacy is established...

  • Metmei S.
    2 days

    She should be the next P.M. of secular India

  • Prabhakar T.
    3 days

    In the same way all of Bengal voters are not voted for you also To rule undemocratic way

  • Monoranjan S.
    4 days

    My great grand salute to her for such reality speech with correct facts n figures. Mark my words she will one become president of India.

  • Rajesh S.
    4 days

    When educated people speak they speak sense but wondering why still paid media didn't come out with plagiarism accusation...roar of lioness...

  • Ashok B.
    5 days


  • Sunil K.
    6 days

    Wah I see lion roaring ❤👍

  • Chandan S.
    6 days

    Maybe next pm

  • Sadaab E.
    6 days

    Awesome speech

  • Zafar I.
    6 days

    Mind-blowing speech.

  • Tangli M.
    6 days

    Strong lady beyond Modi's apprehension.

  • Chandra M.
    6 days


  • Soustabh E.
    6 days

    Ki bollen ta bojhar moto BJP er educated kono lok MP na...