Mamata Banerjee's Speech On Bangla Refugees

"Partition refugees in Bengal are Indian citizens", says Mamata Banerjee.

05/03/2020 1:16 PMupdated: 05/03/2020 1:16 PM
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  • Jacob J.
    13/03/2020 17:34

    Yes she is the one suppose to lead as PM after j, jayalallithaa

  • Brut India
    13/03/2020 15:02

    Even the CM of Kerala decided not to implement the CAA in his state:

  • Karouna D.
    13/03/2020 05:41

    India is already overpopulated not to mention the rate of unemployed etc. So tax payers will have to cater additionally for the refugees. Why doesn’t she house a few of them at her place.

  • Malcoum A.
    13/03/2020 04:51

    This lady not fit for CM she is a very arrogant and nonsense political leader, she wants divide India, government should arrest her..

  • Priti S.
    11/03/2020 06:34

    Baaje kautha bolo na😛

  • Mayor M.
    10/03/2020 10:53

    Under Her Leadership The Mogul Empire Will Govern The State Soon... Very Soon Hindus Will Be Sucking Their Own Thump

  • Radharani B.
    09/03/2020 01:59

    The worst leader of India’s destruction. She is traitor of India & destroyer of India’s image.

  • Jeyaraman D.
    09/03/2020 01:01

    she is so arrogant and no fit to be a good leader

  • Jeyaraman D.
    09/03/2020 00:59

    What a Shit and sin

  • Shikha P.
    08/03/2020 19:37

    Politicians are only make our vote bank..... we must support CAA for our future n growth....

  • Boji T.
    08/03/2020 15:19

    U like Trump from USA

  • Boji T.
    08/03/2020 15:18

    U r excellent

  • Henish S.
    08/03/2020 13:55

    She is black spot in Indian Political History....alive and out of her mind.

  • Sayed H.
    08/03/2020 08:36

    You're all need voters,,,you're done anything for 1921 how people are living,that is same is now

  • Ketan M.
    08/03/2020 02:42

    Citizenship is not a state issue.

  • SN S.
    07/03/2020 10:57

    Ka Ka Chi Chi

  • Dewa M.
    07/03/2020 09:21

    This woman is mental maybe she is brainwashed and radicalised by her close people

  • Bhaskar S.
    07/03/2020 08:29

    Thus the creation of West Bangladesh... or Greater Bangla... path is paved

  • Muhammad R.
    07/03/2020 05:14

    India is burning & is already on the way of self destruction due politics of hatred & mistrust of Extremist , short sighted Leaders & RSS . . Now the world knows how it feels when you are forced to be locked down. 😩 Now the world knows how it feels when you cannot go out with a fear of getting dead. 😩 Now the world knows how it feels when your children cannot go to school.😩 No country stood up when Kashmir was locked down! 🤐 Today, Kashmir might be the safest place (as no body can go in and come out of it). The rest are about to lock down. (Allah Forbid) 😔😔😔 Indeed, Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَىٰ) is not unfair. May we realize our sins and mistakes and may we get to repent on it. Aameen! Instead They shall concentrate to take precautions against the spread of & make arrangements to fight back with the ‘ CORONA VIRUS ’. This virus may prove more deadly than RSS Extremists. It is worth mentioning here that the majority of hindues are not against muslims community, hence it ‘ll be too easy to take the Extremist on & fight them back in self defence. Follow the footsteps of Afghan Taliban to fight till the enemy comes to term & accept total defeat .

  • Neelam T.
    07/03/2020 04:30

    Jihadi didi....totally brainwashed...

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