Man Attacks Bike After Traffic Challan

Riding without a helmet can also be injurious for the motorcycle.

11/27/2019 7:27 PMupdated: 11/28/2019 11:59 AM
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    • Vipin T.
      12/24/2019 07:47

      Only a common men can relate with it others can't feel because they don't in that situation !!!

    • Ajay B.
      12/24/2019 07:01

      पुलिसकर्मी को उसे दिलासा नही देना चाहिए बल्कि रोड तोड़ने और ट्रैफिक रोकने पर डबल चालान करना चाहिए था।

    • Anju A.
      12/24/2019 06:04

      Bullshit...Helmet is fo our safety...We only live once..If ua hit somewhere wid out ua helmet ua helmet wil go somewere...Money u can gain again..But ua lyff..Think twice bfr doing much bullshit things lyk dis..🙏🙏🙏

    • Ratheesh S.
      12/24/2019 01:14


    • Raj R.
      12/23/2019 15:43


    • Raj R.
      12/23/2019 15:43


    • Anyang G.
      12/23/2019 11:24

      It's a good thing tat the traffic police impose fine thy r doing for the safety for the people....but asking money more tan the vehicle price tats not fair.... 😏

    • Vipin D.
      12/23/2019 05:44


    • Biku B.
      12/22/2019 11:58

      Bechare bike par kyu gussa nikal rahe ho.... Apni galti ka saja bike par kyu uttar rahe ho.....

    • Amo T.
      12/22/2019 10:19

      I didn't get this What for he damaging his own bike ?

    • Ravi P.
      12/20/2019 10:11


    • Bobby S.
      12/20/2019 08:09

      Are tayer se utha na yr...

    • Yogendar Y.
      12/20/2019 04:17

      क्यों भाई गाड़ी पटक रहे हैं आप रामराज है

    • Bob R.
      12/19/2019 15:00

      These police collect fines because they only care about money not the safety .

    • Sakib S.
      12/19/2019 08:44

      यह सब मोदी को वोट देने का नतीजा है और वोट हमने।हमने तो दी नहीं है मोदी को वोट कह रहे हैं हम।🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

    • Amarjeet S.
      12/19/2019 03:04

      इतना उछल कूद करने से अच्छा हेलमेट ही लगा लेता

    • Manepalli S.
      12/18/2019 07:07

      What If the police ride the bike without helmet. The common people should have the same rules if the police ride without helmet . Then they can capture the pics and upload them...

    • Kunal S.
      12/18/2019 06:11

      THE JUGAADU MAN | KASH RECORD Please watch this video please friend

    • Joel L.
      12/18/2019 01:37

      This guy was doing his morning deadlifts!

    • Md M.
      12/17/2019 11:03

      What happene here