• Jav A.
    18 hours

    Why these sort of acts are happening against sikhs ? Not nice

  • Christine R.
    17/01/2022 21:01

    In the name of religion ....the root of all evil

  • David D.
    16/01/2022 10:27

    In India everywhere is holy but there is no holiness in our heart. Even if the boy trespasses people should teach him in different maner rather than killing him

  • Sam K.
    16/01/2022 00:33

    Its feel unsafe to go in sikh temple, even any accidental mistake leads you to death.

  • Takam T.
    11/01/2022 07:48

    That's why Christians are the best. You won't get killed for disrespecting a cross even inside a church nor will you get beaten, Christian won't kill someone for cows or snakes or goats or pigs etc..

  • Marcio P.
    09/01/2022 10:35

    Hell will be waiting for all of you, sick religious beings. Nobody has the right to take anyone else's life. Sinners

  • Indra M.
    04/01/2022 07:01

    Another intolerant community from our country. Going to be the next security threat for India and Hindu Community. Mark my words.

  • Shabana U.
    02/01/2022 08:38

    When unknown beings are more important than human lives

  • Nimish J.
    31/12/2021 15:36

    how can you do this to someone who is devotee .. shame on few of sardaars who claim to be peaceful but under the shadow of our beloved Sikhism they try to throttle each n every religion .. it doesn't matter how much our beloved sardaars do for everyone around the globe but some of these with orthodox thinking will create non sense all around the globe .. in terms of religion they are trying to explain there personal tantrums .. no god or guru stops anyone to come near by them .. n also no body literally nobody can stop anyone from reaching out to their gods .. I mean really who are you to decide what God wants what God doesn't ..! If u r privileged enough to stay at their sight so they other !! Don't forget it .. I respect all religions n I just want just because of few scumbags please do not ruin our nature n religion .. no God wants antlyhting from you .. they are here to guide us n to take us through our lives .. claiming that u r good to d enough to take your place next to god or our sahabs are bullshit ..! Please keep in mind you are only a living being here just because of him/ her not because of ur intellectual thinking ..! Very disappointed in people who killed him out of rage n anger !!

  • Paraj S.
    31/12/2021 14:35

    What he did wasn’t a good thing & sertainly intended to create trouble … but Imagine if everyone starts killing people for disrespecting their religious books, Gods or gurus in a country like India. The sad part is that Sikhs are quite and aren’t coming forward to condemn the killing. This is the same behavior when there was total silence when Hindus were being massacred in Punjab in early 80’s.

  • Younas K.
    31/12/2021 08:14

    Good job

  • Younas K.
    31/12/2021 08:13

    This is pre plan by Hindutwa terrest RSS group

  • Akhilesh G.
    28/12/2021 08:46

    We r not talibani culture shameful incident

  • Sultan B.
    27/12/2021 23:23

    Jaan se Marna nhi chahiye uss bnde ko ....Sikhs are famous for spreading love and peace to entire world .....but aise incidents image kharab krte hai .🙏🙏

  • Shivam G.
    27/12/2021 14:32

    Ab sikho ko wapis hindu bnana ka samay aa gya hai

  • Nakul N.
    27/12/2021 13:45

    sirf ek mala k lie usko maarr dia shayd wo wha daily jata hoga sewa krta hoga donation deta hoga, even usne sir bhi cover kia hua tha, ye crime hua pray fro him

  • Karthik M.
    27/12/2021 13:15

    I think you must have been blind. That man clearly wanted to disturb the prayers and their beliefs.. he got what he deserved…

  • Rishabh S.
    27/12/2021 11:22

    🤦‍♂️ remember i talked with you about this when we were in delhi

  • Amit A.
    27/12/2021 10:23

    If it's Holly place why was he beaten he could have sent to police station it's wrong

  • Kavita R.
    27/12/2021 09:55

    Abh तो इंसान ही खुद को भगवान samjh बैठा हें

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