• Kamesh S.
    a day

    Best FM we ever had under the great PVN

  • Harshad P.
    13/09/2021 10:35


  • Bajrang K.
    10/09/2021 12:19

    Sonia ji ne bola hein aapko press conference karne ke liyea😁

  • Shubham Y.
    08/09/2021 10:19

    Every one says he didn't speak but we should know that where we speak or where not Manmohan singh ji is know this.

  • Aalok P.
    04/09/2021 13:42

    Akhir mai bol he diya🤣

  • Preethi G.
    24/08/2021 14:33

    He was not afraid.. He was just so reluctant to open his mouth in front of sonia.

  • Padma K.
    22/08/2021 18:14

    He was the best finance minister 🙏🏻regards to such gentlemen.

  • Swatantra D.
    21/08/2021 10:00

    Sir you were the most educated Prime Minister India ever got, and I firmly believe if you were not under control of Fkn Gandhi family, India will be at more better position. Still I've faith on congress that they could do better, but it seems impossible as they still have dependency on Gandhi family.

  • Shamim
    20/08/2021 03:25

    The most silent PM is the RSS remote controlled chap with white beard. I can't recall him ever giving a press conference.

  • Poonam S.
    19/08/2021 22:06

    Very intelligent Prime Minister

  • Shakir H.
    19/08/2021 20:58

    Not an accidental Prime Minister but an Amazing Prime Minister 👏

  • Prasenjit B.
    19/08/2021 19:18

    A great and a humble man …

  • Wa A.
    19/08/2021 18:30

    NDM is an @$-h0|... MMS is the king...

  • Neeraj Deshani
    19/08/2021 09:01

    missing him

  • Richa S.
    17/08/2021 07:47

    Great personality A true leader

  • Tongpang A.
    15/08/2021 09:46

    Indian freedom was short-lived, lost its freedom 7years ago.

  • Sahl M.
    13/08/2021 07:39

    Now we have the real “ACCIDENT” prime minister

  • Appu M.
    12/08/2021 16:49

    Aise Bhi Chutiya hoote hai

  • Kat R.
    12/08/2021 16:31

    Ur such a great pm FM sir. Ur contribution was immensely remembered . I wish n hope u can come back to lead

  • Syed M.
    10/08/2021 17:02

    How selfish monkeyrao. For good results, share the credit; and for failure, Manmohan will be scapegoat?