Manmohan Singh’s Message To Modi on GDP Slump

“Reach out to sane voices.” With the Indian economy in the grips of a crippling slowdown, the normally reticent Manmohan Singh suggested a stern solution. But is the Modi government listening?

04/09/2019 9:19 AMupdated: 04/09/2019 1:38 PM
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  • Nishant K.
    05/09/2021 07:59

    Sir with due respect. Being a economist over a year Indian Economy has grown enormously. Nifty with Life time High.

  • Taha H.
    29/10/2019 16:54

    Sambit patra is so fucking dumb

  • Uzma A.
    23/09/2019 04:05

    Such a sad excellent economist's statements about the slowdown of economy are having idiotic response from a jaahil ignorant fool like sambit patra

  • Ian F.
    21/09/2019 12:47

    Is sambit patra a dim wit asshole . He was not born at the time MS was governor of RBI,Fm etc and the kind of qualification this gentleman holds

  • Akshay S.
    21/09/2019 12:18

    Gunga bola....🤣🤣

  • Jay P.
    21/09/2019 11:34

    alone Manmohan Singh can't handle every sector, he can just speak but the zone level congress ministers are more corrupt

  • Todorputu G.
    21/09/2019 10:01

    The Robot speaks again 😂

  • Todorputu G.
    21/09/2019 10:01

    Copy paste Let me turn the table and explain Economy from another angle. Please and Lets take hypothetically Liberals argument of Manmohan Singh as best economist as Correct and accept that Bharat accomplish highest GDP in his term. Then Please ask Liberals following question. 1. If GDP was high and Government had money then Why they didn’t delivered OROP which could have been delivered with 35000 crore ? 2. If GDP was high and Government had money then Why Rafale or any single fighter jet was not bought for 10 years ? 3. Why Bullet proof Jackets were not bought ? 4. Why Every Village were not electrified ? 5. Why Every House didn’t get toilets constructed ? 6. Why every house didn’t get LPG ? 7. Why speed of Highways Construction was Half of speed ? 8. Why you didnt pay Iran dues for Petrol you bought worth 2 Billion USD ? 9. Why Metro Rail didn’t get constructed at this pace ? 10. Why Solar Power didn’t increased ? 11. Why Electric Generation was not there ? 12. Why Armed Force were lacking all equipments and why you never renewed it ? 13. Why Farmers dues never get paid ? Why they had not been compensated ? 14. Why Dams, Bridges, Inland Waterways and Big Irrigation project never happened ? 15. Why Inflation was touching 13% ? 16. Why Real Estate prices were so high? 17. If GDP was high then Why Rs devalued from Rs 36 to Rs 69 within 10 years ? 18. If you claim GDP was high and you had money then Why you have nor implemented 14th Finance Commission recommendation of passing 70% money to states ? 19. Why did you not implemented GST ? 20. Why Manmohan Singh famously said - Paise Ped Par Nahi Ugte. 20 Questions are enough to burst the bubble of Fake GDP Growth. Let me now explain that All the above points have been completed by Narendra Modi Government. Despite all this there are many many more things which have been done. Gas Grid Projects, Digital Projects, Railways, Bullet Train, Big Dams, Ayushman etc I have not mentioned. Where all those money gone ? Where is that GDP which Manmohan earned for Nation ? Where they had invested all those money ? Even MNREGA Budget in Modi Government is higher than Congress, Even Mid Day Meal Budget is far more than Congress. I don’t understand where was the Economy then ? What fucking Economy we are talking about. How the hell we even recognise Manmohan Singh ? If there was money then Let me know why so many companies taken so many loans - 52 lakh crore is the amount of loan which Corporate took before Modi came in 2014. Do you know what Money means ? Modi Sarkar have distributed 7 lakh crore by Nob Banking Finacial System like MUDRA, Why Manmohan never did that when he had money ? Where was the money Dr Manmohan Singh ? Not in a single parameter they have better record yet they claim they had GDP. Where and How ? “Inflated Export Numbers, Inflated Stock Exchange, Inflated Inflation, Inflated Cash Printing, Inflated Real Estate Prices can increase GDP on papers Dr Singh BUT NOT IN REALITY. Your Balloon has BURST. Public Knows the REALITY. Your PIDIS can bark on Economy but Everything is CLEARLY.

  • Todorputu G.
    21/09/2019 09:59

    The Robot speaks again 😂

  • Miyang L.
    21/09/2019 06:26

    What happened to his health ? Only his mouth's movement seems alive.

  • Rahul S.
    21/09/2019 05:28

    This men is far beyound intelligent then modi

  • Mukesh P.
    21/09/2019 05:20

    अरे भूतपूर्व प्रधानमंत्री जी अब तो स्टेचू वाली आदत छोड़ दो कभी हिंदी में बात भी कर लिया करो अंग्रेजी बोलते फिरते हो

  • Zoi C.
    21/09/2019 04:42

    He is good at finance...

  • Prodipto S.
    21/09/2019 02:45

    15 year low.....dat means the last time it was was during his period..... 🤔🤔

  • Virandar A.
    20/09/2019 18:34

    kamal h bhai life ab pata challa sahab bolte bhi h😆😆

  • Vaneet P.
    20/09/2019 18:23

    Congress Nu speech De dida desh da ana stya Nash na hoda fudu sardar

  • Ujjal S.
    20/09/2019 17:59

    Thanks manmohan Singh I miss you

  • Choton S.
    20/09/2019 17:33

    Abe robot kath putli Tu bol raha hai

  • Pankaj M.
    20/09/2019 16:14

    रिमोट से उल्लू बोल रहा है जय श्री राम

  • S S.
    20/09/2019 16:13

    B.A (Hons) in Economics 1952; M.A (First Class) in Economics, 1954 Panjab University, Chandigarh (then in Hoshiarpur, Punjab), India Honours degree in Economics, University of Cambridge – St John's College (1957) Senior Lecturer, Economics (1957–1959) Reader (1959–1963) Professor (1963–1965) Professor of International Trade (1969–1971) DPhil in Economics, University of Oxford – Nuffield College (1962) Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi Honorary Professor (1966) Chief, Financing for Trade Section, UNCTAD, United Nations Secretariat, New York 1966 : Economic Affairs Officer 1966 Economic Advisor, Ministry of Foreign Trade, India (1971–1972) Chief Economic Advisor, Ministry of Finance, India, (1972–1976) Honorary Professor, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi (1976) Director, Reserve Bank of India (1976–1980) Director, Industrial Development Bank of India (1976–1980) Board of Governors, Asian Development Bank, Manila Secretary, Ministry of Finance (Department of Economic Affairs), Government of India, (1977–1980) Governor, Reserve Bank of India (1982–1985) Deputy chairman, Planning Commission of India, (1985–1987) Secretary General, South Commission, Geneva (1987–1990) Advisor to Prime Minister of India on Economic Affairs (1990–1991) Chairman, University Grants Commission (15 March 1991 – 20 June 1991)[8] Finance Minister of India, (21 June 1991 – 15 May 1996) Leader of the Opposition (India) in the Rajya Sabha (1998–2004) Prime Minister of India (22 May 2004 – 26 May 2014)

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