• Shakeel A.
    11/11/2019 23:57

    Amit shah is tadi par gunda murderer of judge

  • Ayeto E.
    07/11/2019 20:14

    Something is missing, about thus man hiding underneath for 3 days n later was put to jail😅😅😅😅

  • Mohmmed J.
    05/11/2019 18:13

    Agent of Dirty politricks... Nope Agent of Hate,Death,Divide.. Arrogent

  • Thomas D.
    05/11/2019 12:04

    Killer of Indian Democracy

  • Simon K.
    05/11/2019 10:06

    Dump EVM and Dare to face Ballot Papers.

  • Mukhtar M.
    05/11/2019 02:27

    Lunat hi as pr 10000000000000000000000000

  • Jagdish D.
    02/11/2019 14:27

    Can Master strategist solve Maharstra C.M. problem?

  • Ranga C.
    02/11/2019 05:05

    420 of Indian politics .

  • Veena N.
    02/11/2019 04:49

    What a cruel planner he was can be understood 😥😥😥😥how did those karsevaks got burnt in BJP ruled state🤫🤫🤫

  • Aasif E.
    02/11/2019 02:39

    Both are terrorists...

  • Saidur R.
    01/11/2019 13:33

    He is nothing but a lier and a chatterbox. Ignorant and illiterate fanatic mass Hindu people follows him and voted him and his party. Soon they will understand the mother Cow, Ram Mondir or oppression on Muslims will not solve poor Indian,s actual problems.

  • Dastagir S.
    31/10/2019 21:05

    Yet a mortal🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Kisan Y.
    31/10/2019 18:33


  • Shaddam H.
    31/10/2019 10:42

    He is the Only motherfucker across the globe. Bustard and hermaphrodite. Son of bitch.

  • DrAijaz R.
    31/10/2019 09:48

    He will be known in history as destroyer of Indian economy

  • Muhammad H.
    31/10/2019 04:06

    Lanat tere mon pe

  • Jaswant S.
    31/10/2019 01:51

    Today is31st oct where we put nimmbo mirch that our country is saved from bad eyes not dove dowbil is roaming upon my country broght 27 tourist to hear the wail of weping woman Rudali.

  • Vineet B.
    30/10/2019 20:04

    Ganta chadekya.. Sab EVM ka kamal h kal hi EVM hat jaye.. BJP 100 me rah jayegi

  • Amjad K.
    30/10/2019 19:46

    He must hang to dead in public he s most wanted terriost in world 2000 human life he killed in 2002

  • Shreyas G.
    30/10/2019 17:28

    Happy bday sir

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