Meet India’s Pinaka Rocket System

This is what Pinaka, India’s indigenously developed guided rocket system, looks like up close and in action. These scenes are from the latest trials in Pokhran, Rajasthan. 🚀🚀🚀

03/13/2019 1:46 PM
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  • Ali T.
    03/13/2019 13:48

    World has vintage cars India has vintage army 😅😅✌ 70% ammo is just for showcase according to newyork times

  • Mohammad K.
    03/13/2019 13:49

    Bhosri walo apne upar mt gira lena planes ki tarah 😂😂 pta lga rajhastan ki ma chod di

  • Ahsan K.
    03/13/2019 13:51

    Color pencils 😂😂😂

  • Rana N.
    03/13/2019 13:52

    Such weapons should be discouraged to all nations of world. Let the peace and humanity to grow.

  • Omer A.
    03/13/2019 13:55

    Is it "Pinaka geet mala:

  • Karanveer S.
    03/13/2019 13:57

    M thinking for contesting in election title name will be #PKMKB..

  • Keanoa K.
    03/13/2019 14:02

    War is close? recently I saw the same kind of video published by RT, were pakistan has successfully tested her long-range guided missile hitting her target successfully, I can't tell if it was legitimate or not but a western media has published such Non - Russian news...something is cooking...

  • Hysum K.
    03/13/2019 14:02

    Patanjali Energy Booster is suffice for Indians

  • Shoaib U.
    03/13/2019 14:07

    No problem we have Nasr for this

  • Sagnick R.
    03/13/2019 14:17

    kichu mone porche??

  • Vishal P.
    03/13/2019 14:22

    Page Name- Brut 'India'. Pakistani people coming and commenting. 😂😂 Bloody jobless fellas.

  • Lally R.
    03/13/2019 14:23

    My son Pakistan is scared of this- Dad India.

  • Abdullah H.
    03/13/2019 14:28


  • Asdaq M.
    03/13/2019 14:35

    Since it is on ground thing.... might be exploed to crash with some cat

  • Shahrukh S.
    03/13/2019 14:36

    tea is fantastic😂😂 Shrrrrrrrrp☕

  • Afzal S.
    03/13/2019 14:41

    Mashalllah. Sulehri sab

  • Mayukh P.
    03/13/2019 15:00

    It has state of the art Inertial navigation backed by IRNSS.

  • Okay
    03/13/2019 15:07

    India has developed & tested it , not like pak which purchase cheap chinese knock-off.

  • Abdullah S.
    03/13/2019 15:19

    Hahaha you only now able to produce tactical weapon we have made it but with nuclear warhead and you have simple one ...good you are going great Indian fellas ..keep looking Pakistan ...hahaha

  • Pratyush A.
    03/13/2019 18:42

    Pakistani bhikhari apne desh ke page ne jake marao yaha nhi