Meet Mahatma Gandhi

On his 150th birth anniversary, here's the story of one of the world's most iconic champions of social justice and non violence. From being a rebellious teenager to leading India in its struggle for complete independence, this is the life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the Father of the Nation.

10/02/2019 2:57 AM
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  • Winston B.
    2 days

    You Yes You, Gandhi Gaves You Freedom So That You Are Free To Talk Nonsense About Him; Mohandas Karmchand Gandhi, Is That Greatest Freedom Fighter Of All Time! Without Violence! 🚩🇮🇳🇬🇾🇹🇹🇸🇷🙏🌹🙏

  • Sainaveenkumar S.
    3 days

    FYI gandhiji was not only the man who fought for freedom and independence there are many like shubhash Chandra Bose, bhagat Singh, alluri Sitaramraju etc...

  • Faisal N.
    3 days

    Innocent Gandi was killed by Zio Nehru ZioHindutwaism

  • Praveen G.
    3 days

    Why didn't he done so quickly for independence movement.... Why he takes too much long time to get independence... movement. Think BRUT INDIA....

  • Nikhil C.
    4 days

    Yes he failed as a lawyer but successfull as a politian.... a guide to many publicly useless personally successfull polticians.......

  • Mac L.
    4 days

    Non violence has been the curse for India

  • Ravi S.
    4 days


  • Suruchi G.
    4 days

    I don't understand how by praising Gandhi ji we are demeaning others........Everyone one has their own contributions we have love& respect for all......He was a man who togethered all great leaders and made a way for Independent India....

  • Boogulur B.
    4 days

    it's okay... INSAAN SE GALTI HO JAATI HAI & so it happened to Mahatma Gandhi too .. but he truly is THE FATHER OF OUR NATION ✊😎 jai hind

  • Tse G.
    5 days

    Who gave him the title ( Father of the Nation)) ?? British or Nehru??

  • Vinod P.
    5 days

    A great leader 👏👏👏had vision and mission!!realy apt to be called as the father of the nation.partition demands strong and courageous decisions where he played appeasing politics,I fear.

  • Lágrima A.
    5 days

    He used to drink his own urine?

  • Mike S.
    6 days

    It was his faith which ultimately guided him towards truth and justice . Concept of Ahimsa . Which we have lost today due to other negative forces.

  • Mohammad A.
    6 days

    I wish he come alive and see what India has become 😢 today

  • Upender H.
    6 days

    I want you to ask one question Who gave the status Father of nation to Gandhi ? Do you have any proof ? If not thn remove the subtitle frm this video immediately.

  • Umama I.
    7 days

    Lots of respect and love for Mahtma! An inspiration for all the people who are facing problems! Only courage and devotion and kindness and respect to others are keys to success! Gandhi's fan from Pakistan💗

  • Daniel B.
    05/22/2020 03:05

    The man was a pedophile and a racist!! Fuck him!!!

  • Munender K.
    05/21/2020 19:07

    After world war 2 Britishers didn't had enough resources to hold on their colonies and violent movements were also increasing in India, INA was growing up, so they had no choice left. So saying that only he is the one behind our freedom is injustice to the other freedom fighters..

  • Helen D.
    05/21/2020 18:49

    Our Mahatma the true leader of the masses.

  • Clifford D.
    05/21/2020 17:32

    If you have travelled around the world you have people talking about Gandhiji. They respect him and here people making fun of him. If it was not for Gandhiji non violent movement British would have never left India. For force they would have used more force. But with non violence protest u really can't do much. His call to boycott goods crushed the British Empire. All our freedom fighters must be feeling ashamed of us with what we are doing to Mother India. Live and let live. Bharat mata ki Jay.