Meet Mahatma Gandhi, "Great Soul" and Father Of Our Nation

Today is Mahatma Gandhi's birthday. This is the story of how he went from being a shy lawyer to a symbol of strength and peaceful resistance around the entire world. 🙏

02/10/2018 5:03 AM
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  • Basudev S.
    27/10/2018 07:09

    O....mahatma pl. Take re birth ln India

  • Jassi R.
    27/10/2018 06:32

    साला गदार टकलू अंगरेजो का टटटू

  • Firoz K.
    27/10/2018 02:43

    The people who hates Gandhi just because of he loves Muslims and there culture is not a right thing but Gandhi loves justice and Godse terrorist is against it now the same Godse terrorist supporter doing this like continuesly.

  • Rumoj A.
    26/10/2018 18:42

    No country but India and no religion but Hinduism could have given birth to a Gandhi,” said the editorial in the London Times on the day after his death.

  • Muzammil K.
    26/10/2018 16:32

    Whom soever who hates this man can you go to jail for 6 years ? Can u walk 300 km ? Can you fast to death for your country . Pathetic bjp supporters hating on their father of nation

  • Soham S.
    26/10/2018 15:42

    There is only one hero of our country, And that is, Netaji !!! The Father of our Nation

  • P T.
    26/10/2018 15:08

    Om sai raam

  • Chandrahas S.
    26/10/2018 14:50

    He fooled the people of this country. He is an anti hindu bastard

  • Chandrahas S.
    26/10/2018 14:49

    He should have been killed before our independence

  • Ujwal A.
    26/10/2018 11:54

    Millions of Salute to our Beloved Nathuram Godse Sir. He Saved our country by killing this fellow after Partition

  • Agnivesh A.
    26/10/2018 11:15

    Real Father of Nation for Pakistan. For India he is killer of Hindus, and Hinduism.

  • Ramesh K.
    26/10/2018 10:51

    Mohmmad kadir gaffar not mohandas karamchand ganghi

  • Sourav G.
    25/10/2018 18:02

    We can never forgot his achievement , might be he was wrong but we cannot think our Indian freedom movement without Gandhi ji, people can only ask questions but nobody will do any sacrifice for country

  • Bhagirathi T.
    25/10/2018 17:15


  • राहुल प.
    25/10/2018 11:03

    उन्हे काले-गोरे का फरक दिखा क्योंकी वे खुद उसका शिकार बने, पर जातीवाद नही दिखा । नमक का सत्याग्रह किया पर यहा लोगो को जाती की वजह से पाणी भी नसीब नही था ।

  • Hassain B.
    24/10/2018 23:07

    Come a new birth for Gandhi gee

  • Salandr K.
    24/10/2018 09:00

    Good luck

  • Rahul S.
    24/10/2018 07:52

    Hitlar be aajadi karaya tha na ki Gandhi ne

  • Ravi C.
    23/10/2018 16:16

    जो नंगा सोता था,उसकी सोच भी?????होगी।

  • Puskar P.
    23/10/2018 15:50

    আমার বিচারে টাকলু গাদ্দার