Meet Medha Patkar

She left her work as a scholar to fight for the voiceless. She would rather die than let them down.

06/10/2019 2:58 PM
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  • Akshay K.
    26/10/2019 14:22

    Her work is commendable no doubt but the maximalist stand she takes on every issue is not very productive and in a way not the right thing to do.. goal is sustainable development and any extreme stand makes it difficult to achieve a understand between state and its subjects and increases the gap between activism and policy making..even in narmada case activist didn't try to come up with a understanding with the government nor they tried a bit for rights and rehabilitation for the people who were getting affected, there goal was so maximalist (to just doom the project to death) that it was unrealistic to achieve and ultimately failed.. so a little introspection is needed while extending support to such initiatives

  • Chetan P.
    26/10/2019 08:45

    Medha patkar: Defamation case: Court slaps Rs 10K fine on Medha Patkar, warns her - The Economic Times

  • Chetan P.
    26/10/2019 08:45

    Medha patkar: Defamation case: Court slaps Rs 10K fine on Medha Patkar, warns her - The Economic Times

  • Kapil Y.
    25/10/2019 07:58

    Mujhe bhi paise dilwa do main tumse bhi acche natak kar ke dhikhaunga ......thappar kya isse bhi ghatiya aur bewakuf to hero sabit kar dunga

  • Mayur G.
    23/10/2019 07:09

    Anyone who stands in the way of progress of this Nation deserves slap So does she One urban naxal

  • Shyampshyam S.
    22/10/2019 15:55


  • Karki C.
    22/10/2019 15:37

    Doing the good deeds is like grass in the garden. We don't see it's growth but it does by days. My respect n honour

  • Arup J.
    22/10/2019 02:08

    I guess she was in award bapsi gang.. 🤔🤔

  • Naveen V.
    21/10/2019 04:09

    Hope people will learn something from this magnificent personality...💕

  • Shyampshyam S.
    20/10/2019 15:17


  • Manu P.
    20/10/2019 04:44

    Nothing to say but love for ur contribution for Nature .

  • Harparvesh S.
    17/10/2019 22:24

    Narmada Dam project was delayed due to _ _ _ _ Can a nation progress with this Attitude?

  • Krish S.
    17/10/2019 19:01

    I know this lady personly , i met her my village and xul and college many times. She is full of dramatic woman and fights for just one community and that's also not a human.

  • Dipayan S.
    17/10/2019 12:12

    Mam you are great grand salute to you..

  • Lalita M.
    17/10/2019 04:19

    Wowowo mam ,its great inspiration to women.

  • SuShant B.
    16/10/2019 15:25

    Loved the way you presented her... at the beginning of this video I knew it was Medha patekar. I kept watching. Everyone who has read little bit knows who she is.

  • Sandeepa C.
    16/10/2019 11:32

    She was the major fighter against singur Tata where's she, Yb she's not speaking on the broken economics of the state as well as the country

  • Gaurish R.
    16/10/2019 09:40

    Medha Patkar is another Communist sepoy (pyada)....who is paid to stop development works in India

  • Jagadeep M.
    16/10/2019 08:29


  • Katyayana D.
    16/10/2019 08:07

    देश के लिए ये महिला खतरा है