• Rudra R.
    25/04/2022 11:40


  • Alexander R.
    14/04/2022 15:12

    Sifo Iron Balls

  • Alexander R.
    14/04/2022 15:11

    3-9 inch punches 4 serius

  • Alexander R.
    14/04/2022 15:10


  • Alexander R.
    14/04/2022 15:09

    I live my famly need sellf fiindnees and hwoo am iii

  • Alexander R.
    14/04/2022 15:08

    Kan i kome traine

  • Rajan S.
    03/03/2022 14:42


  • Rajat B.
    21/02/2022 05:49

    Thats my dream to learn kung fu 🤘

  • Pushpendra K.
    16/02/2022 15:02

    I'm feeling Proud 💪for his Inner Decision 🔥👏👏👏

  • Nalini S.
    16/02/2022 11:27

    Very proud.

  • Ifrah S.
    16/02/2022 07:23

    Yayyy let's gooo😍💖💖

  • Joyeta D.
    16/02/2022 05:00

    Whats his school name??great too see he is back..

  • Prabir A.
    16/02/2022 02:59


  • Sumitra K.
    16/02/2022 02:07

    Proud of you, your achievements !

  • Jay S.
    15/02/2022 18:20

    The Chinese were the first to develop martial arts. However such ways were Not meant to replace the spiritual practices of ahimsa as the more important concern of a monk, and religious person in general. Whatever gymnastics the gentlemen has attained in amazing performances and psychological discipline, I hope he can further the Buddha Gotamas vision for peace between the nations.

  • Satit K.
    15/02/2022 16:52

    First of all it's gōng fū, not kung fu... And as he was performing, he was doing Yùndòng Wǔshù... Or sports wushu... Most probably a student of Shàolín Tǎ gōu Wǔshù school... It's not a school for learning traditional Shàolín gōng fū... It's world's biggest school of sports Wǔshù... Anyone can learn there if he has money to pay for training, food and accomodation... You don't need to become a monk... And nobody becomes a monk just because he shaved his hair... Every one needs to understand traditional gōng fū and sports Wǔshù are two very different things... And though Shàolín monks teach in Shàolín Tǎ gōu Wǔshù school... It's not even a part of Shàolín monastery... It's a sports university controlled by the government of China to promote sports Wǔshù...They teach some traditional Shàolín Tàolù, but only for performance... They don't teach the combative application of the Tàolù... For fighting, they only teach Yùndòng Sǎndǎ... Commonly known as just Sǎndǎ or SǎnShǒu... It's a modern hybrid sports combat system that u can learn anywhere... There is no need to go to Shàolín... A monk is a person how is trying to achieve a higher spiritual state by freeing himself from the bondage of the mortal world (according to buddhist beliefs)... Unfortunately there are many so called Shàolín monks around the world who only shaved their heads to pretend being a monk...

  • Wild R.
    15/02/2022 16:35

  • Mudit S.
    15/02/2022 15:57

    Kanishka Sharma too

  • Sam S.
    15/02/2022 13:41

    Wow - inspired!

  • Mukesh T.
    15/02/2022 11:50

    Paisa hai toh sab hai!

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