• Zulqarnain N.
    04/24/2020 11:06

    Flout of lock down under unwise decision by RSS goons

  • Prashant S.
    04/22/2020 13:59

    Fake editing and additions?

  • Antu D.
    04/20/2020 15:34

    Brut is a fake news channel

  • Dhaval G.
    04/20/2020 05:45

    As soon as your channel and company is closed , you anti-nationals !

  • Riaz R.
    04/20/2020 03:17

    This country is going to divide again soon and another 1947 will be repeated by the policies of 56 inches Priminister and GODI media

  • Mangalore M.
    04/19/2020 21:20

    Problem creating channel

  • Danny M.
    04/19/2020 09:47

    Why doesn't the Indian government put in place ONE CHILD POLICY?????

  • Nikhil C.
    04/18/2020 20:13

    Let them die kuxh population hi kam hogi

  • Srikant N.
    04/18/2020 16:58

    People talk of problems and there are innumerable. But no solutions or alternative options. No point in rattling about things which everyone is aware of .

  • Muzammil A.
    04/18/2020 15:52

    Our govt all times use only politics not mind

  • Rzz R.
    04/18/2020 15:16

    where now indian idolatry religious fanatic groups. Let offer cow dung and pee of cow to them. Goddess cow will save them, good and worship cows 😄😄😄😄😅😅😅😅😅

  • Shiekh B.
    04/18/2020 14:53

    It is humane to send the citizens to their place of preference. Devise a way out

  • Keyur D.
    04/18/2020 13:54

    god bless the children

  • Mina L.
    04/18/2020 13:02

    Please don't beat the public it's not their fault.

  • Sujit K.
    04/18/2020 12:43

    Only thing likeable about the video is background music, no offense to migrant labor crisis. It's generate sense of fear and anxiety.

  • Khan N.
    04/18/2020 12:39

    Give them candles diyas and bartan. That will help may be.

  • Jas C.
    04/18/2020 12:18

    It looks like the PM donation fund is a fraud and poor people are suffering, govt could afford 5000 cr and 3000 cores on statue but can't help this people whose needs are not that big.

  • Raj K.
    04/18/2020 11:05

    social media group, dalal media channel ko boycott kro agar desh ko bachana hai to

  • Jay M.
    04/18/2020 10:30

    Where’s Modhi the 🐷

  • Mohammed S.
    04/18/2020 10:19

    Yehi log hai bechare jo suffer karenge. Yeh na Hindu hai na Musalaman. Yeh bas ghareeb hai. Na inke pass balcony hai aur na thaali. Lekin sab changa si 😒