• Gargi P.
    06/11/2019 03:05

    हमने नहीं सुना कि ट्विंकल संग हुई दुष्टता हेतु अभी तक मौलवियों ने कोई फ़तवा जारी किया हो, क्या आपने कुछ ऐसा सुना है?

  • Rajratna G.
    06/11/2019 03:07

    Media is expert in manupulating statements. He was referring to the rape cases filed by women after having consensual relationship. Is it really a rape if a guy had an intimate relationship with a girl, promises her for marriage but doesn’t fulfill such promise? If yes, on what grounds? What if a girl promises and refuses to marry? Will it be called a rape case then? What is the legally defendable proof of the promise of marriage? Consent based on promise of marriage raises questions about the motive on the woman's side. If a woman can change her mind about marriage what about a man? Time for women who have dumped their boyfriends to face legal action also for emotional hurt? If no for all of the above questions then where is gender equality?

  • Samsudeen A.
    06/11/2019 03:10

    Not a big thing most of the BJP guys are rapist 👌👌

  • Bec D.
    06/11/2019 03:21

    Moronic idiot trying to redefine rape. Disgraceful people in power.

  • Jacob M.
    06/11/2019 03:39

    Horror, wait till his daughter and wife are raped, then will he say that? Sadly Modi and his goons are animals from the jungles

  • Liora I.
    06/11/2019 03:42

    Was he raped? Any of his family member? He should talk only about something he knows!!!

  • Mary S.
    06/11/2019 03:44

    Stupid people

  • Taran R.
    06/11/2019 03:50

    We are who elect these 👍🏻.... Taste it now

  • Jitesh D.
    06/11/2019 03:56

    typical Babua mentality 😠😡

  • Kiranjeet K.
    06/11/2019 04:00

    Iska ilaj karvao koi....isko assembly ki seat nhi hospital ka bed chahiye

  • Pallavi R.
    06/11/2019 04:05

    His nature is moronic, there is no dearth of such politicians under BJP !!

  • Sanjay K.
    06/11/2019 04:12

    Hasn't been to school ever, it seems!

  • Sanjay H.
    06/11/2019 04:13

    This bastards who is a BJP MLA..should be terminated immediately n sent to a mental asylum..

  • Rajan B.
    06/11/2019 04:16


  • Vidya K.
    06/11/2019 04:16


  • Vinod R.
    06/11/2019 04:17

    He is referring to the complaints made after prolonged period of the relationship. In a live in relationship girls often complaints about rape if marriage proposal is turned down. It's better for the woman to have sex only after marriage so that case of abuse can be avoided. Otherwise, rape is rape and cannot be justified. Severe punishment is an only option.

  • Edwin J.
    06/11/2019 04:19

    Illiterate or chutiyon ki sarkar hai

  • Nishant D.
    06/11/2019 04:20


  • Sarath H.
    06/11/2019 04:26

    That is common in bjp.. So you deserve up people on electing these dumbs

  • Anuradha R.
    06/11/2019 04:29

    Stupid n idiot. Brainless 🤯🤯