Minister's controversial remark on medical students

"90% students who go abroad fail in NEET." A minister said this while hundreds of Indian medical students were waiting to be rescued from Ukraine...

02/03/2022 2:04 PMupdated: 03/03/2022 6:25 AM
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  • Milinda R.
    09/03/2022 10:40

    This education was set by congress govt. Any change needs time .. how many things a 8 year old govt. Fix roads made, all villages connected, each house has electricity, cleanliness in India improving .. which congress never even thought about .. failed to provide basic human needs in 60 years power ... only corruption in each govt. Office.. no govt. Official wanted to eork more than 4 hours .. cuz they all paid even for job .. but now modi ji getting work from such employees .. things are changing . . Many ppl resign due to pressure of work in govt. Jobs now .. they were habitual to doing nothing .. trains are not late which was routine earlier .. gifted govt. Made houses to poor ppl .. food and free vaccination to all indians .. in congress govt. Getting clean grains were not easy .. schools were pathetic .. they were just working on how to spoil India and loot ... We indian respect hard working Humanitarian modi ji .. he is working for all Indians ..Respect!

  • Lokesh A.
    08/03/2022 14:28

    Shame on him from KARNATAK V have sent 24 mls all of them are chamachas of modi they don't have guts to open the mouth in front of sha and bjp go and die in modi bag all of you

  • Sandeep S.
    08/03/2022 11:51

    This should be an eye opener for ppl/students who say that they are not interested in politics or don't want to talk about politics !! Just know who will stand behind you at tough times...🙏

  • Gunaseelan R.
    03/03/2022 20:10

    Only God knows How many BJP leaders and kids studied in foreign countries

  • Nasreen S.
    03/03/2022 19:00

    😢 Worst education system, most of our children with distinction are not able to get medical seats, they are sacrificing their dreams and aspirations and unwillingly going to other fields, those who can pay crores with less marks are enjoying and definitely they will not do service, the will make up their money by overcharging poor patients..

  • Anandu S.
    03/03/2022 17:37


  • Abhiya M.
    03/03/2022 17:12

    Medical seats are not that easy. My cousin got 98% in 12 th n yet didn’t get seat allotment. It all depends on ur entrance exams n not just board exams. U can’t bribe exam results but later seat definitely. Stop saying bull shit n criticism. People who comeback can’t clear the exam which is needed to practice in India. That’s the situation, 90% don’t clear it in first attempt

  • Çhãñdrû X.
    03/03/2022 15:18

    By this Ukraine war everything is coming out..Godi media getting insulted BJP getting insulted 😂🤣

  • Khalid I.
    03/03/2022 13:13

    Oh indians you are only being radicalized and used by your coconut governments but when you are stuck they don't want to know, this is the true colour of them.

  • Mir M.
    03/03/2022 13:06

    May this minister face the same..

  • Shrikant M.
    03/03/2022 12:47

    Brut is creating controversy. There is absolutely no controversial statement made by him. It's all just to damage the Modi image. Keep on finding you Brut.

  • Sandeep K.
    03/03/2022 12:46

    Our minsters ,our problem

  • Pramatha B.
    03/03/2022 12:20

    The education system is poor. The system has to change. Taking in students on the basis of 10th and 12th, is senseless. There’s no connection between that and the medical field. If that is solved, students yearning to pursue medical, can do it here itself, rather than moving to other countries.

  • Chandler M.
    03/03/2022 12:07

    Can someone please publish his educational qualifications,his performances as union minister, his achievements as a saffron clad minister ... Mainly amount of money he had looted .... Let me better educate him on the plight of students , parents of middle or low income group go through these Naalayak ministers who can't even analyse citizens plight on their day to day life who just sits,loots and eats on our tax money ..... Naren

  • Robin R.
    03/03/2022 10:03

    Caste reservation should be stop in India

  • Shama S.
    03/03/2022 07:59

    Lucky for politicians, they don't have any entrance exam to clear 😏

  • Mohmed A.
    03/03/2022 06:55

    We don't need Ministers for Education But "EDUCATION FOR MINISTERS" having said that Prahlad Joshi Minister has made insensitive & CRASS remark about students who go to other countries for Medical Education. First of all the Cost of Education in India is 5 times that of Ukraine that means it is in Crores which can be afforded by people who have ill gotten money through Fraud & Corrupt means & not by hard working and studying HONEST Middle class. Naveen couldn't get the Medical seat even though he secured 97% in PUC due to restrictive cost & caste riddled Reservation system being followed , This shows the pathetic State of affairs of Education System in country.

  • Mungalashetty S.
    03/03/2022 04:27

    Idiots as ministers

  • Imran F.
    03/03/2022 03:55

    Galat baat kaise hain bacche college mein number nahin lagta hai to videsh mein jaate Hain videsh mein jakar apni padhaai mukarrar karte hain pass hote hain aur India ka naam Roshan karte Hain fir bhi chal neta log colleges banate hain Magar colleges mein fees bahut jyada hone ki vajah se log videsh mein padhte hain

  • Fraz A.
    02/03/2022 22:26

    What u expect from illiterate jokers...

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