Modi 2017: Harvard Vs. Hard Work

Prime Minister Narendra Modi may have congratulated Abhijit Banerjee on his Nobel Prize, but he had criticised global economists like him a few years back. 😯

17/10/2019 11:44 AM
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  • Prasanjit D.
    17/07/2021 04:48

    Hard work is not the key to success, do smart work. If hard work is the key to success than ass might become the horse.

  • Jabbar A.
    07/06/2021 18:13


  • Indrani D.
    02/06/2021 04:32

    U need to be educated to hold the highest position of a country. A jatra party actor can not run the country but an educated person can run it successfully. Dr. Singh is the example .

  • Santosh P.
    18/10/2020 06:23

    GDP -22

  • Jetha H.
    18/08/2020 06:56

    Modi is wrong PM, Modi is uneducated heartless Hindu monsters and biggest fraud and biggest lier on the planet.

  • Krishna S.
    15/08/2020 03:49


  • Bayoung T.
    14/08/2020 20:17

    Fekuu beta modi deta hai dhoka... 🖕🖕

  • Ketan V.
    14/08/2020 16:17

    PleaseStop making fool.

  • S.N. N.
    13/08/2020 13:30


  • Er S.
    09/08/2020 21:53

    Bhat be like..modiji ne Harvard ki bolti bnd krdi😀😀😀

  • Soumen C.
    08/08/2020 20:03

    Chai wala ko banao aur PM.. Harvard mein speech dene layek bhi nhi hai ye aur Harvard ki name lete hai.. ghatiya aadmi

  • Rajender K.
    07/08/2020 09:38

    Jai ho Modi. You are great.

  • Jamsheed K.
    06/08/2020 19:44

    He is choona chhhaaap... 5th fail

  • Shahzad B.
    06/08/2020 17:11

    Drame Baz , moot drinker , fascist , divisor and so many other name he has . Shameful leader of India . India will pay the price for electing BJP not for decade but centuries.

  • Chirag R.
    06/08/2020 16:27

    Chutiya he ye chutiya

  • Lavisha B.
    06/08/2020 09:25

    How shameless this man is n where is his hard work really a feku

  • Daniel D.
    06/08/2020 05:44


  • Dellora D.
    05/08/2020 14:59

    Harvard and hard work..... my god that dialogue just broke my brain.

  • Rehmatullah M.
    05/08/2020 11:08

    Ab tu sab nay dekh lyia hay GDP kitna oper chala gaya hay

  • Shini K.
    05/08/2020 08:41

    A real terrorist ruling this country

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