Modi and Macron Launch International Solar Alliance

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President Emmanuel Macron have emerged as global leaders in the fight against climate change. But while their solar power partnership has been lauded, other plans have received a colder reception.

03/14/2018 2:00 AM
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  • Rafeeq M.
    03/14/2018 02:25

    Lol... Climate change.. seriously? Our pm doesn't even know what it is??

  • Ratnadeep M.
    03/14/2018 03:02

    Akhilesh Yadav is the man who started that ‘solar facility’. What Modi did? Only inauguration

  • Adnan K.
    03/14/2018 03:13

    Is it solar alliance or nuclear alliance???

  • Cherian M.
    03/14/2018 03:16

    But there is no climate change we have just become less tolerant to withstand as our prime minister said in an interview

  • Ramananda W.
    03/14/2018 03:46

    There is no way other than nuclear power plant to grow the economy of India. We have lost our resource during British ruling time. So our PM started n try to be an advance economy

  • Shreyas
    03/14/2018 03:47


  • Sunit S.
    03/14/2018 03:58

    bolo ye b nakli cell ne kiya h

  • Shani U.
    03/14/2018 04:01

    #Climatechange Modi is saying something else with students about climate change

  • Mahesh P.
    03/14/2018 04:04

    Salute sir

  • Kaustubh G.
    03/14/2018 04:13

    modi ki skhl dekh k to aisa lgra ki usko kuch smj m ni ara ki France ka pm kis climate change ki baat krra h

  • Buhary M.
    03/14/2018 04:16

    Indian govt doesnt even spend money to build toilets but they are ready to make aligns with other country?... Wtf!😂 First upgrade living condition, health, education and basic facilities proper... Then Try to make more international ALIGNS😡😡 foolish modi

  • Chiranjit P.
    03/14/2018 04:26

    Bharat Mata ki e

  • Ğøpśś V.
    03/14/2018 04:27

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  • Sameer P.
    03/14/2018 04:40

    India needs investments in nuclear power. India needs to produce jobs. #isa is a good initiative but it is not the solution.

  • जय स.
    03/14/2018 04:40

    Some solar panel should be placed behind the modi's opponents because it always burns.

  • Noor K.
    03/14/2018 04:41

    Climate change nahi horaha he Hum burhe (old) horahe -A hilarious nonsense quote by our PM Na Mo

  • Pulkit R.
    03/14/2018 04:53

    Fucking idiots there's a war going on in Syria

  • Ephemeral A.
    03/14/2018 04:58


  • Aman S.
    03/14/2018 05:13

    Instead of being excited for the alliance, I'm amused to see people protesting against it. 🤣

  • Pranav M.
    03/14/2018 05:20

    accha dhandha hoga ab