Modi and Macron Launch International Solar Alliance

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President Emmanuel Macron have emerged as global leaders in the fight against climate change. But while their solar power partnership has been lauded, other plans have received a colder reception.

14/03/2018 2:00 AM
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  • Varinder S.
    22/03/2018 17:02

    No 1 man in India prime minister

  • Satya S.
    15/03/2018 01:30

    The starting of this video reminded me of "there was an idea ....."

  • Rahul C.
    15/03/2018 01:17

    Ask him about the definition of Climate change 🤣🤣🤣

  • Bala R.
    14/03/2018 22:12

    mulllo ke commnt dekh ke hasi ati h bc 😂 sabko job chaiye 😅

  • Sunil K.
    14/03/2018 20:55

  • Antony K.
    14/03/2018 20:48

    Pods fucker

  • Manish C.
    14/03/2018 20:13

    modi ji doesn't even know about what climate change is.. 😂😂😂 plz have a look at this video..

  • Lock D.
    14/03/2018 19:22

    Sir, how much is this mechanism working? There are hamlets where rural villagers use solar panels but they complaint of them being insufficient. Still Goa takes electricity from the neighbouring states. How far is this true?

  • Vishal W.
    14/03/2018 19:02

    No warning this man in India

  • Moheed P.
    14/03/2018 18:37

    He’s working in AA company because this two are invested crores of money in 2014 elections.

  • Manoj K.
    14/03/2018 18:27


  • Rajat G.
    14/03/2018 18:25

    Azim Khan comments😝

  • Hitesh M.
    14/03/2018 18:10

    India ka paisa waist ho raha hai..

  • ধ্রুবজ্যোতি দ.
    14/03/2018 18:01

    Nuclear powerplant is necessary for any big economy.....indian economy suffers from power cuts....just because of chernobyl and fukushima disaster doesnot gurantee that there will be a nuclear blast in india.....they have improved significantly...specially russia,france us and germany have the best nuclear tech.....russia is building the nuclear power plant in south(kudankulam) with technology transfer....we can trust them....

  • Arvind P.
    14/03/2018 17:54

    PM Modi kya ho raha hai

  • BharathKumar R.
    14/03/2018 17:50

    Why the central govt wana develop our Indian economy by spoiling our natural wealth? Already farmers are committing suicide because they're unable to repay agriculture loan and they are forced to commit suicide by our govt and banks. But banks will approve loans of 10k 20k crores to Mallaiah n Nirav modi who escapes from country easily. Banks n govt doesn't care about that. Because their target is farmers n middle class people so that they can get their money back by squeezing them.First think which is necessary. Whatever technology may come but we can't eat technologies instead of food. First let govt spend our tax money for free high quality education and free multi specialty hospitals with high level good treatment like other countries to our citizens instead of wasting our money by constructing statues and providing $1 billion credit line to Mangolia. U said "long term plan is required". for long term planning shall we kill agriculture and farmers So that corporate companies can rule us a side so that u can have only pizza n burger?? Our normal average human life span was 120 years.. because of modernization and lack of healthy food human dies nowadays at the age of 30 by cardiac arrest.. Both BJP and CONGRESS ruined our country

  • Yuvvraj P.
    14/03/2018 17:36


  • Tarvinder P.
    14/03/2018 17:36

    2019 ul lose bjp

  • Fahad S.
    14/03/2018 17:11

    Kuch nhi kra bs hindostan khatam ho gaya

  • Vishal N.
    14/03/2018 17:07

    Veeraj Pardeshi

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