Modi And Trump Light Up Howdy Modi Event In Texas

Houston, you have a bromance! 👬 Narendra Modi and Donald Trump exchanged elaborate compliments in front of a raucous crowd of 50,000 Indian Americans in Houston, Texas.

09/24/2019 10:26 AM
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  • Chungdi T.
    03/12/2020 09:44

    What a way to promote each other

  • Fazeel M.
    02/28/2020 22:44

    Two idiots !!!!! Miss one ... with u Pinnochio

  • Valent P.
    02/28/2020 12:58

    Taxes on NRI Demonitisation

  • Indirajain J.
    02/28/2020 00:57

    So nice speech spoken by modi sir

  • Indirajain J.
    02/28/2020 00:55

    Wao sir modi is very genius person so brave brillient jain indira Liked

  • Andrew S.
    02/27/2020 10:43

    CLOWNS of the world

  • Soodess M.
    02/27/2020 08:48

    What a horrible English 🤪🤪🤪

  • Rosby R.
    02/26/2020 14:00

    The words of Modi in this speech sooo ...

  • Talikha M.
    02/26/2020 04:26

    You modi not fit for pm you are dacoits and Ganda u are not respect country people

  • Talikha M.
    02/26/2020 04:22

    Why this Modi is talking about only Pakistan and Trump not about own country and not caring about country people.There is so many problem we are facing day to day life.This modi govt. I have ever seen such a leader selfish,wrong guide he use to win by speech doing nothing to the people.what will happen to INDIA only GOD know

  • Al M.
    02/26/2020 00:10

    Dolan Tam

  • Tahir S.
    02/25/2020 21:29

    Modi & trump love affair ! Modi wants it in his backside, but trump is learning Indian style hand holding gandu style

  • Balaji S.
    02/25/2020 16:25

    Burnol Made in india is in high demand.

  • Brut India
    02/25/2020 16:16

    Take a look at the other bromance in Prime Minister Modi's life:

  • Ravi K.
    02/25/2020 13:42


  • Ravi K.
    02/25/2020 13:42


  • Balaji S.
    02/25/2020 07:33

    150 crore spend is good for economy. New worlds biggest stadium was built. Many indians got work. Good for india and america business and strategic relations too.

  • Rajib B.
    02/25/2020 06:20

    Apriciate his hard work in this age remembering the whole speech that too in english it's not an easy task guys....😜🤣

  • Sunish S.
    02/25/2020 05:20

    Howdy BOSE D.K

  • Niel N.
    02/25/2020 03:29

    Modi Trump the two greats who are fighting anti national,jihadi sympathisers,commies in their own country with great determination and jeal. Long live the two leaders

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