Modi Offers Students Tips On Taking Exams

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trying to encourage students to combat stress as they face their board exams.

02/20/2018 2:00 AM
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  • Brian J.
    02/22/2018 21:25

    Aab bas karo..

  • Sajjad A.
    02/21/2018 18:12

    Aft tht u sell chicken pokada

  • Sunil B.
    02/21/2018 16:22

    This is the PM takes care if everyone

  • Austin C.
    02/21/2018 14:36

    This is unbelievable. PM Narendra Modi till date hasn't given a press conference. With media or journalist like Ravish Kumar ji mirror now and ndtv nor spoken a word about PNB and fugitive N Modi. And he is giving tips to kids. Irony.

  • Vaibhav P.
    02/21/2018 12:18

    stay calm brother💓💓

  • Karam G.
    02/21/2018 11:48

    Canadians will take this behaviour for granted n give it back to modi on right time. The demand of Khalistan is fully justified, it is right given by indian constitution. The politicians want to break the unity between sikhs and hindus for the sake of votes only. Young indians need to think about this situation clearly and should not fall prey to these scumbag politicians. The biggest threat to indian peace is the rss and saffron terrorism which is being encouraged by the anti-nationalists now as it is only one year to election. Sikhs have given big sacrifices for india and hinduism. even they saved the hindu girls from auction in the market of gajni but only got betrayal and genocide (1984) from the so called nation-lovers. But one day everyone would be held accountable and that day is not soo far. Peace.

  • Ismail S.
    02/21/2018 05:58

    feku gandu

  • Prakash V.
    02/21/2018 02:05

    Pakauda wale interview ke bad hamare pradhan sewak sahb ye dikhne ki kosis kr rahe h ki hm youth ke prati ktna soscte h

  • Prakash V.
    02/21/2018 02:02

    School me jate samay ye bat nikal de dimag se ki exam dene ya padh lene se hm aapko job de denge , aage pakauda hi bechna h

  • Kailis L.
    02/21/2018 01:38


  • Ranjan P.
    02/21/2018 01:25

    our prime minister is great thak u modi jii

  • Nazmul H.
    02/21/2018 01:21

    yeh tumhara kam nehi.... iskiliye hamari pas bohut highly qualified teachers hai... tum bas chokidari koro .... aur chor ko bhagne do.... mamu tujhe sharm nehi hai kya.. . itna jhut bolne mein

  • Senten A.
    02/20/2018 23:47

    That is exactly how people fail.

  • Prithvi G.
    02/20/2018 22:53

    Poda dei

  • Rohit A.
    02/20/2018 21:35

    Mai toh khud ko apna threshold no. Dunga

  • Spandan D.
    02/20/2018 21:16

    Guess Rahul Gandhi is the admin of this page..

  • Ashik K.
    02/20/2018 20:27

    Modi jii first plz look after our country then write a book

  • Abhishek P.
    02/20/2018 20:10

    Bst p.m ever

  • Nomaan J.
    02/20/2018 19:56

    He probably said the same to neerab Modi now he's gone with 11300 crore

  • Nereus B.
    02/20/2018 19:56

    Don't give shit tips change the education system of India