Modi Vs Gandhi On Nirmala Sitharaman

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took Congress chief Rahul Gandhi head on over his sexist comments on defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

10/01/2019 11:59 AMupdated: 31/08/2020 10:15 AM
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  • Yogi S.
    30/03/2019 12:59

    Bewakuf rahul spreading rumors of RS 15 lac, so what is he doing same first Rahul & priyanka bring back all black money from ur family so all public will get RS 15 lac in their accounts prove that, then give 6000 then people will trust u liars chor, Vote Modiji only always he’s the best leader for our country also Modi can stop corruption bribes & save people’s savings

  • Nerajgupta
    25/03/2019 18:12

    nachinh ka bita hai to kaiss hoga maa biyr bar ki nachte the kamr helar to usak bita bitmij he hoga n

  • Ayan H.
    25/03/2019 15:51

    Pagal Rahul ji

  • Bapanprodhan B.
    25/03/2019 06:50


  • Santhu P.
    24/03/2019 19:10

    Modi not able to lead our great nation. Mr modi should quit him self

  • Santhu P.
    24/03/2019 19:06


  • Sridhar Y.
    22/03/2019 23:39

    This idiot Rahul should shut his mouth. On the one hand, he talks of women's empowerment and, on the other hand, talks insultingly of a man taking a woman's support. What does he think? That only his grandmother, mother and sister are hallowed women? Rahul is arrogance + ignorance personified.

  • Shashikant P.
    21/03/2019 12:38


  • Kshitijj N.
    19/03/2019 17:55

    Sabse phele bat !! U dnt even have etiquette to talk to a senior person than you yes this is india !! We respect out elsers !! Nam se nahe bulate unko !! You are jst pathetic Mr.Rahul sir ptani ap kha se kya padkar kaun se padhai karke agye apne corrupt paise se foreign me jha yeah tak nahe sikhaya hw to talk to elder !! U are not an indian Go back simmon ! Walla narra lagane ka man hora jo 1928 me lagay tha !

  • Jatin J.
    19/03/2019 10:18

    Chutiya hai Rahul

  • Khelendra Y.
    19/03/2019 05:58

    this man left his wife, constantly insults sonia gandhi and called renuka chaudhary surpanakha and he talks about respecting women.... hypocrisy ki bi ek seema hoti hai 😂

  • LA D.
    14/03/2019 19:57

    Pappu is really a kutta

  • Sujeesh S.
    14/03/2019 14:25

    Rahul. Good for nothing fellow

  • Rajath K.
    13/03/2019 15:44

    Pussy Pappu... Kutiya ki tarah chillatahai...humein chowkidar pe bharosa hai... Rabies kutiya Congress ke Ghar mein hi rahe..

  • Manu N.
    13/03/2019 14:53

    God knows how people tolerate idiot like papu

  • Kaushal S.
    12/03/2019 19:01

    Pappu gaddar.

  • Harry M.
    11/03/2019 17:00

    Magar muje ye samaj nahi aaya narijati ka apman kaha se hua.... I don't understand can anyone tell me...???

  • Tan G.
    09/03/2019 02:55

    Isme nari ka 56 inch wale ka apman kiya he

  • John M.
    09/03/2019 02:25

    Bjp good job

  • Abdul R.
    09/03/2019 01:33

    Sunahe aap log desh ko bhi Maa hi bolte ho...yakeen nahi hota. Mei sirf Desh ko MA bolta hi nahi, manta bhi hu

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