Mohan Bhagwat On Making India Safer For Women

“Administration alone cannot ensure women’s safety.” Here is what Mohan Bhagwat proposed to bolster women’s safety in India. This was a far cry from some of his earlier, more controversial remarks.

12/03/2019 4:27 PM
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  • Mahendra V.
    7 hours

    Sir your the biggest bigot. Your mother should have got rid of you when you were born. So many women have save by now. Bastard brainless.

  • Mohamed S.
    2 days

    How about making Kashmiris safe from the Indians ???

  • Chloe L.
    3 days

    No women is safe in India

  • Mohamad S.
    4 days

    Big rapist are sweet talker in stage or chit chat in mobile phone.. it's Internet or phone call... Listening his words will make Indian citizens to do again another mistakes as Indian citizens bring uneducated man to become PM of India with shutdown and jobless.. rapist gang run by high profile money people... Citizens must understand that

  • Sriram N.
    4 days

  • Meraj M.
    4 days

    When the RSS and its affilates change its mind set towards women either they Hindu or muslim, the problem will drastically reduce. Bcoz when you prepare a rapist to rape a woman of certain religion during riots, what he will do after riots. He will search for another woman or girl of any age and any religion bcoz he has to fulfilled his lust. And there are lot of wolf prepared by RSS roaming around our society with big tilak.

  • Meraj M.
    4 days

    RSS is working since more than 90 years.. What he has done to teach their cadre of Matrashakti.. When in Gujrat, the RSS inticed mobs raping Muslim women, where was this Matrashakti... When RSS member Kuldeep singh senger, Chinmayanand raping and then intimadated the victims, where was its Matrashakti... In my opinion, RSS ideology is the behind of these rape incident indirectly. There are various religious organization of Muslims and Hindus in India. Muslim men also caught in rape cases but they are mostly illeterate, low income group and never affilate to any religious reform groups. But lot of rape accused from Hindus are affilate to RSS, Bajrang Dal, VHP, HYV, and many more.

  • Stj A.
    4 days

    This is a wake up call for all of us..... We are digging our own grave by our humiliating and insulting women

  • Niyati D.
    5 days

    But till the time men who have not been taught any values and sanskaar are roaming freely, the law and order has to be strict

  • Afzal H.
    5 days

    When you seen rape against other community dalits or Muslim you support it and you see it with upper cast Hindus you talk it ..... first you should change this mindset ..... then law will work strictly.... society will see a change....

  • Syed Y.
    5 days

    Terrorists leader

  • Halo A.
    5 days

    Seems RSS had taken Brut page administrator for a ride sometime earlier 🤣😂

  • Faizan U.
    5 days

    Chaddi gang wala ab gyan bate ga desh ko😂🤣

  • Satish B.
    5 days

    Midi jai hind

  • Bvs R.
    5 days

    Matter is that harsh verdict by SC is mandatory and serious measures to be taken by State police to avoid such incidents. Nothing happens by candle March, its a RIP programme to console. Develop Apps for human safety at any sort of emergency.

  • Nazia A.
    5 days

    Stop empowering women. They need safety more than anything els.e

  • Alfred H.
    5 days

    RSS you need to change your mindset first....

  • Hakim R.
    5 days

    need to change of laws to ensure women safety

  • Brut India
    6 days

    When Bhagwat explained the duties of a married woman in 2013:

  • Arun C.
    6 days

    We have had enough of teaching on moral values. Nothing has changed as far as atrocities on women are concerned. There is only one way left, give weapons of self protection to all women. At least rapist will not have to wait for a fair judgement!