Moral Policing Caught On Camera

“Please wear proper clothes." That's what a stranger told a woman who was wearing shorts in Bengaluru.

07/10/2019 2:01 PMupdated: 07/10/2019 2:19 PM
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  • Bhanu K.
    28/05/2021 16:04

    Who is this mother fucker? Is he belongs to our Galaxy? 😂😂😂

  • Omer A.
    17/05/2020 21:12

    Education does not promote nudity but it is the thoughts, perceptions and utter disregard for our moral values.

  • Suan M.
    21/02/2020 09:13

    According to ones culture people dressed that way. So don't try to dress somebody who is on the pavement.

  • Suan M.
    21/02/2020 09:11

    The problem is with the idiot locals who try to educate those who are more aware of the many different class of people even in India living.

  • Chowdhury J.
    16/01/2020 05:01

    He asks someone to wear proper "Indian Dress" while himself wearing shirt and trouser which is western attire. The irony 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Clifford C.
    28/12/2019 17:21

    A big cartoon 🤣🤣🤣✌️✌️

  • Joheb M.
    27/12/2019 15:47

    Two kind of person India should give death sentence... 1. Rapist 2. This category of people.

  • Oxemberg D.
    17/12/2019 14:03

    Pehno jo pehanna hai.

  • Christian J.
    13/11/2019 00:21

    Rhonda Doumit hahahaha

  • Biku D.
    03/11/2019 10:22

    He can't even speak proper English

  • Bhupen K.
    01/11/2019 16:00

    This guy will definetely masterbate as soon as he reaches home .....sick

  • Rajesh N.
    01/11/2019 15:22

    The guy is right what the hell the girl is wearing.

  • Tanvir K.
    30/10/2019 22:39

    He is a Jackass...

  • Demian A.
    30/10/2019 14:27

    I've heard that its not allowed to ride a two-wheeler in shorts. Not sure about that.

  • Sundance K.
    29/10/2019 02:46

    I seriously doubt the authenticity of these kinds of videos..but what saddens me are some of the comments.

  • Paari S.
    28/10/2019 16:43

    He is basically looking down on women. Wearing anything we want is a sign of freedom.

  • Rajendra S.
    28/10/2019 10:43

    Why girl face was blurred and boys face won't blurred brut bsdk

  • Haydn R.
    27/10/2019 10:19

    wear the dress code of the indian!!! awkward silence!!!

  • Ravinder S.
    27/10/2019 04:04

    Shirt and pant also not indian culture

  • Sudhir K.
    26/10/2019 14:34

    Tare m ki cut sale Baba k khilaaf bolo to. M...,.. C....... T ....... Ok.

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