More Homemade Fighter Jets For The Air Force

In the biggest-ever indigenous military deal, the Indian government okayed a Rs. 48,000 crore proposal to purchase 83 Tejas fighters from HAL.

14/01/2021 11:21 AMupdated: 14/01/2021 11:23 AM
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  • Daniyal K.
    08/04/2021 13:37

    Aby ye samosa kasy uod raha ha😳

  • Dhoen R.
    20/01/2021 00:54

    45+k crore 🤔

  • Syed K.
    18/01/2021 11:46

    Send it to LoK for testing.

  • Armin P.
    17/01/2021 20:02

    iitwalo ko sastme banake dege

  • Azhar Z.
    17/01/2021 18:21

    India launched a new brand of samosa named “Tejas”

  • Rana J.
    17/01/2021 12:55

    Costs a cup 🍵 of fantastic tea ☕

  • Sikandar K.
    17/01/2021 12:53

    Haven't been used in any real time s senerio while Thunder have brought few decent birds down recently 😁

  • Vinod G.
    16/01/2021 14:10

    Hi hello6up 😜😽 Janu Hindustan 💕. Nice looking free fly in the blue sky this is not fair without me there hello 767 Royal Enfield bullet 350 freefly Bluetoot sky zone 🦁😴🧢🏇🇨🇦💋🇺🇸😷. Vinod go war hello sweetheart hi 💕😜

  • Muhammad W.
    16/01/2021 10:36

    Ye bahut khatarnaak hain. Ye urrain ge naeen phattain ge.

  • Chiranjeev D.
    16/01/2021 06:21

    Kudos to Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

  • Tanvi S.
    15/01/2021 16:02

    India should create an effective nuclear arsenal and show the world what kind of devastation our defence forces are capable of unleashing. One powerful nuclear explosion can ensure that life itself can be expunged and that no country should mess with India, ever !

  • Mir M.
    15/01/2021 08:05

    It comes with everything It flies with nothing 😂😂😂 30 years old jet is being called new 😂😂😂

  • Khan S.
    15/01/2021 02:14

    Lipton is the best tea

  • Gangadhar S.
    15/01/2021 00:23

    HAL's greatest contribution towards nation building, particularly in air defence.

  • Lucky S.
    15/01/2021 00:05

    Mulle hsne k mems bna rhe s eska matlb hal main jitne Mulle hai noukari se nikal do

  • Harsh A.
    14/01/2021 21:44

    thats good , at last they doing it by themselves..

  • Imran S.
    14/01/2021 20:39

    US and France are planning to replace all of its fleet with LCA Tejas

  • Imran S.
    14/01/2021 20:38

    After 40 years of Engineering a state of 2nd Generation aircraft is finally there at rhe cost of 3 Billion USD🤔

  • Imran S.
    14/01/2021 20:36

    LCA Samosa

  • Shivam D.
    14/01/2021 17:48

    I studied Mechanical Engineering with a dream to work for the future Tejas project. Even During Manmohans era HAL was planning to work on LCA TEJAS MK3 to make it an Atomic Weapon career. But the current govt works for you know whom. Destroyed the entire project's future..

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