Motilal Vora’s Farewell Speech In Parliament

"There was so much love between us, so much respect and goodwill," Motilal Vora reminisced about opposition leaders, his political journey and left the House in splits during his last speech in Parliament. The veteran Congress leader passed away at 93 this week.

22/12/2020 7:03 PMupdated: 22/12/2020 7:03 PM
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  • Aashish T.
    04/06/2021 15:28

    No disrespect to him...but he cant speak and he want to run country....there shoudl be age limit to politcians

  • Rahul G.
    10/03/2021 06:22

    is it date(22/03/2020) true?

  • Pulak S.
    25/02/2021 09:36

    Stealing National Heralds at this age is really great for this oldest gandy chamcha

  • Anshukumar V.
    24/02/2021 04:07

    That was very lean and thin BJP era!

  • Premanand M.
    22/02/2021 15:26

    Voice from a common man regarding opposition at centre : Some get sold , some gets old , some are told , if they open their mouth , CBI will get them hold , Godi media get scold , Andd bhakts are the only who wants their back to be winter like Cold , Jay Saha make all Bollywood and all cricket stars get bowled , All so called patriots are saying all decesion taken by BJP are bold,

  • Ridom H.
    22/02/2021 10:27

    great Respected to him from the bottom of my heart after listening his words..

  • Rajesh S.
    22/02/2021 08:02

    Ram Ram Sita Ram 🐏

  • Abhishek R.
    22/02/2021 07:57

    Vora ji was a great leader! An inspiration!! 👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏

  • Sheshpal S.
    22/02/2021 07:41


  • Er H.
    28/01/2021 12:57

    You know my aim

  • Ranjeet M.
    21/01/2021 21:03

    Why he is not in coffff

  • सौरभ व.
    02/01/2021 18:10

    किन लोगों को समझाने चला था मोतीलाल वोहरा..... अब बात बहुत आगे निकल चुकी है अब तो ये लाशों के गिद्ध सिर्फ एक ही तरह से समझेंगे ⚔️

  • Nikul P.
    01/01/2021 03:29

    Good speech

  • Shaikh N.
    31/12/2020 08:11

    इसको शर्म नही आ रही बोल भी नही पा रहा हैं सिर्फ नेतागिरी का मलाई खाने के लिए है लालची

  • Sunil K.
    30/12/2020 05:10

    Very shreudest.. Sycophant type indian neta

  • Deepak L.
    29/12/2020 11:56

    बोहरा जी वाकई में बहुत बड़े नेता थे लेकिन सादा जीवन उच्च विचारों के कारण कभी भी लाइमलाइट में नहीं आए राजनीति में ऐसे ही राजनेताओं की जरूरी है न कि रोज टीवी पर आकर सिर्फ अपनी ही बोलने वालों की...।

  • Shreyas N.
    29/12/2020 09:43


  • Ashish B.
    29/12/2020 08:46

    This biggest 'Gulam' of Family speach reflect only his gulam he saved Indira Gandhi from digging her farmhouse..long answers to avoid being caught !!!

  • Dheeraj B.
    29/12/2020 03:49


  • Ghanshyam S.
    28/12/2020 21:41