Moushumi Chatterjee Embarrasses BJP Event Host

Pants? Watch where you at, girl! 👖🙅😳 A fresh entrant to the BJP’s scheme of things in Bengal, politician and actor Moushumi Chatterjee embarrassed a smartly-dressed host for wearing trousers to a political function in Gujarat.

01/25/2019 4:33 PM
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  • Ankita D.
    02/24/2019 06:36

    Aisi maa kisi ko na mile to hi achha hai...umar me badi hai soch itni choti hai...

  • Suduli R.
    02/19/2019 07:50

    Kal ko yehi aunty log bolenge ladka paida karoge tavi khandan chalega or bachi ko mardo paide hone se pehele Nam kaharb karegi or inhi ko nationaliism ka award milge beti bacho ke liye

  • Monish J.
    02/19/2019 06:13

    Comparing Mandir with your party function😂. Btw mrs aunty, Google got way sanskari pictures of your.

  • Shatabdi D.
    02/19/2019 06:00

    What a dick!

  • Samrat B.
    02/19/2019 05:22

    Sangat ka asar....

  • Nisha R.
    02/19/2019 05:01

    Ghagra choli .????. 😶

  • Sharanya S.
    02/18/2019 20:23

    We have bigger issues par yahan inka alag hi chalta rehta hai 🙄 Edit: Meri maa ko ya usko maa ko koi dikkat nhi hai. Thankyou. Vo bhi zyada maa naa banein. 🙄

  • Nabamallika B.
    02/18/2019 19:06

    level of hypocrisy

  • Akarshan K.
    02/18/2019 17:49

    Bhinn bhinn prakar k mc hai duniya me!!

  • Dhanush D.
    02/18/2019 16:34

    If her problem was only with the clothing and if she considered herself as the host’s mother she would’ve taken her someplace secure and would’ve talked to her after that host is finished with everything... Something is wrong with that lady... Damn BJP attracts only dumbasses

  • Adrija B.
    02/18/2019 15:50


  • Mani K.
    02/18/2019 13:36

    Women like her are the reason women in india have to fight for basic rights and necessities in this century. Sucha shame you are

  • Smruti T.
    02/18/2019 11:43


  • Anusha C.
    02/18/2019 10:14

    Now you know what other good women will have to go through once the likes of her will come to power...😒😒😒

  • Musharraf M.
    02/18/2019 05:29

    900 chuhe kha k billi..... Kya that Bhai 😉😊

  • Vinesh S.
    02/17/2019 18:42

    Aunty tumhari gaand kyon jali? Uncle tumko dekhta nahi kya?

  • Amit B.
    02/17/2019 17:49

    Wait wait this page was handle by dhruv Ratre and congress chamcha na..

  • Lakhya D.
    02/17/2019 17:07

    Jada hogaya nani g

  • Mahima B.
    02/17/2019 16:14

    Well women are the worst enemies of women!!!

  • Shravan H.
    02/17/2019 15:01

    People saying she can wear whatever she wants are just ignorant. If there's a dress code in such a meeting would you still say she should wear whatever she wants?