Moushumi Chatterjee Embarrasses BJP Event Host

Pants? Watch where you at, girl! 👖🙅😳 A fresh entrant to the BJP’s scheme of things in Bengal, politician and actor Moushumi Chatterjee embarrassed a smartly-dressed host for wearing trousers to a political function in Gujarat.

01/25/2019 4:33 PM
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  • Uddipta K.
    01/25/2019 16:36

    Aunty ji is jealous of that girls beauty😂😂😂🤣🤣!! As like "How can some be more beautiful than me?"

  • K S.
    01/25/2019 16:38


  • Vinay S.
    01/25/2019 16:40

    900 chuhe kha key bili haj ko chali

  • Poppy
    01/25/2019 16:40

    Kya didi, Bangali hoke Naam kharab kar Rahi ho? Progressive thinking ke liye Jane jate hai Bengalis.

  • Rajesh S.
    01/25/2019 16:41

    Height of stupidity, living in a democratic country.

  • Roshan A.
    01/25/2019 16:42

    Indian version of jamat e islami 😂

  • Ravi M.
    01/25/2019 16:42

    Vomiting bullshit is pre-requisite for being a BJPian

  • Padmaj S.
    01/25/2019 16:43

    Silly and patronising. But not a bell with much of a ding

  • Deepa C.
    01/25/2019 16:43

    This young girl's calmness and dignity in the face of these comments really needs to be commended. She displayed such grace unlike that Hypocrite Sanskari Moushumi Chatterji. Who is the BJP to dictate what clothes a young woman can wear? Next they will want all young women in Ghungat. What nonsense.

  • Tyara N.
    01/25/2019 16:44

    Issh people like this with negative mindset gives cancer to the society! 😠

  • Tamoghna B.
    01/25/2019 16:44

    Heritage heritage kr ke ye log mahabharat k time me le jyega desh ko😥😥

  • Vishal K.
    01/25/2019 16:44

    BJP joins krne ke baad saale sab bkchodi krna shuru krdete h

  • Anushree D.
    01/25/2019 16:44

    Hypocrisy! And we call ourselves women who can't respect another woman, who judge others based on clothing... Shame on so called "Sanskari"... #moushumichatterjee

  • Vaibhav A.
    01/25/2019 16:45

    Jaane do umar ho gayi hai..

  • Mahesh K.
    01/25/2019 16:46

    These film actresses think they can say anything

  • Mahesh K.
    01/25/2019 16:47

    If they talk too much I will walk naked

  • Mahesh K.
    01/25/2019 16:48

    Before Moushami chatterjee

  • Avinash S.
    01/25/2019 16:48

    This is the side effect of joining BJP !

  • Prince M.
    01/25/2019 16:51

    She must visit Kumbh Mela Once in a lifetime 😁

  • Chauhan B.
    01/25/2019 16:52

    Very very true