• Rahul B.
    20/02/2020 11:07

    I liked it if the families agreed on it then who am I or anyone to say anything abt it just loved it ❤️❤️ But I disagree with this had anything to do with steriotype 😡😡😡 It has actually nothing to do with it The family agree so this happened not just coz the girls wanted it that's why it happened Why brut has so much problems with Indian tredition every society has its own ups and down and it changes with time so chill and don't you think to be a force which can actually turn the wheels just by spreading negative angle all the time 🙄🙄🙄

  • Ankita G.
    19/02/2020 13:01

    this is what i mean!

  • Shilpi S.
    18/02/2020 18:02


  • Yumnam N.
    14/02/2020 04:11

    Nice but sunglass ruin the style.

  • Jagdish J.
    14/02/2020 03:15

    यह है हिंदुत्व वार्ना मुस्लिम औरत तो बुर्के से बाहर भी नही निकल सकती डरपोक,😀😀😀😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • Ayush D.
    14/02/2020 03:03


  • Vincent A.
    13/02/2020 12:36

    This is North Indian, common be accurate. South India is nothing like this.

  • Devika R.
    12/02/2020 16:35


  • Hįťêśh M.
    12/02/2020 16:08

    Ye hamare udaipur me normal hai har ladki karti hai

  • Sunny K.
    09/02/2020 17:07

    Faltu ki Futani

  • Pramod M.
    09/02/2020 07:22

    Duniya ka sabse bewkufi kam ghodi k upar gadhi upar se bel budhi

  • Suman T.
    07/02/2020 12:37

    Donkey on horse. Stop using animal for stupid stunts. No matter boy or girl.

  • Subu T.
    07/02/2020 03:59

    Nothing impressive or surprise in this video just wasted time😂😂

  • Umang J.
    05/02/2020 02:08

    ..bhai apni bhabhi ko bhi aise hi lana

  • Viral P.
    04/02/2020 15:31

    Ye Brut ke malik kon haii check karo jara🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡🤣🤣🤣 Baat ka batangar banana Inse sikhe🤬😡🤬🤣🙏🙏🙏

  • Naveen B.
    03/02/2020 02:34

    eh tan vdhia gal aa.. pr ehi lok sc/st obc nu horse ride ni krn dinde viah de tym..

  • Tanya P.
    02/02/2020 14:42

    U r enjoying but horses are really in pain ....stop torchering them ...

  • Sunny C.
    02/02/2020 13:49

    Put ki karne jo put di ghodi v n n

  • Ankit G.
    02/02/2020 11:00

    dekhna re dono

  • Alkeshvan G.
    01/02/2020 18:32

    in rajasthan culture it is common thing

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