Muslim Man Breaks Fast To Donate Blood

It was the month of Ramzan... A distressed Hindu couple in Uttar Pradesh was looking for a blood donor when Abid Saifi stepped in choosing humanity over religion. 😢❤️️

04/06/2020 12:27 PM
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  • Rajnee B.
    25/06/2020 16:59

    True and a real humanbeing👍

  • Lohkare V.
    12/06/2020 18:19

    What so big deal?

  • Alkesh S.
    11/06/2020 07:07

    Yeh news media kyun nai dikhata.....Nafarat felana ka....bhai chara khatam krne ka theka liya hua h kya media ne....!

  • Neeraja S.
    08/06/2020 10:03

    Jai hind sir. Humanity and national integration are the main things above any religion.

  • Danny B.
    07/06/2020 08:47

    Bhai bura mat manna lekin duniya mai har roz kisi na kisi ko blood transfusion hota h lekin kabhi kisi ko pata nhi hota ki woh blood kiska h .blood har religion ka ek hi hota h toh tum kyu yaha par religion lare ho .phir khete ho tum compare karte ho

  • Akhtar K.
    06/06/2020 05:56

    Humanity at it best. May ALLAH forgive his sins and grant him Jannah.ALLAH the most merciful...

  • Abhinav S.
    05/06/2020 22:04

    Just Doctor and nurse religion was not mentioned 😂😂

  • Masoom R.
    05/06/2020 19:34

    Mashallah, one should keep doing such good deeds. 🤲🤲🤲

  • Zia N.
    05/06/2020 10:42


  • Pragati B.
    05/06/2020 08:42

    Oh my god!!! Once again prasing muslim. Who far is it true ??? has to be checked. Leave it, that's not the matter. What matter importantly is their are no other poeple on this whole planet who does good is only & only the Muslim who can do goods things.

  • Hemanth K.
    05/06/2020 04:12

    Thank you sir...... humanity is above all....god is different form.

  • Sahena B.
    05/06/2020 02:23

    This is called humanity which is above all.

  • Sahena B.
    05/06/2020 02:22

    Almighty Allah give you more strength to do such kind of noble work.

  • Tenzin D.
    04/06/2020 20:53

    I love your thought of thinking we all same human being ❤️and your kindness . Thank you for your generosity .

  • Mohammed R.
    04/06/2020 19:30

    Hamara mazhab sikhata hai "Insaniyet" we all are one. Mazhab nahi sikhata apas ma Bayer rakhan hindi hain hum watan hai hindustan hamara.

  • Mohammed R.
    04/06/2020 19:24

    Agar musalman apna Dil bhi donate karday to jahil communal logaon ko koi ahsas nahi hoga kiyon k firqa perasti ka zaher bahut phail gaya hai. Allah raham kare.

  • Khan B.
    04/06/2020 17:48

    If you save one person life as if you have saved whole humanity ! This is teaching of Islam .

  • Parth D.
    04/06/2020 17:38

    Thats what real muslim do help the man kind. Great job my brother

  • Akhilesh S.
    04/06/2020 16:02

    Shows humanity still comes first for a good person

  • Vilas D.
    04/06/2020 16:00

    Brunt India makes difference between Hindu and Muslim by announcing the woman as Hindu brunt India makes differences between two religions it is against Secularism. SHAME SHAME 😒😒😒 Brunt India.

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