Muslim Woman Leads Prayers For Mixed Congregation In A First

This Muslim woman was the first to lead Friday prayers for both men and women in India.

21/05/2018 12:00 AM
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  • Saroodeen M.
    10/03/2019 14:49

    Joke and fallacy!

  • ഹബീബ് അ.
    14/09/2018 21:36

    This lady is just trying to gain media attention. Even, she dont know how to do namaz. She is a fraud, and making muslims as maleshoanists . Islam giving her the most secure situations. She don't understand that.

  • Alok S.
    26/06/2018 12:18

    Achyut Abhishek Mohanty Equality

  • Shadab K.
    22/06/2018 10:13

    Allaah has singled out men for some virtues and rulings, and He has singled out women for other virtues and rulings. It is not permissible for any man to wish for that which has been granted to women only, nor is it permissible for any woman to wish for that which has been granted to men. This kind of wishing is tantamount to objecting to the laws and rulings of Allaah. al-Bukhaari (4425) narrated that Abu Bakrah (may Allaah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “No people will ever succeed who appoint a woman as their leader.

  • Arfat A.
    20/06/2018 09:30

    please verify facts before posting, she is not muslim, watch her video leading the prayers, there are so many mistakes get it verified by your Islamic Sources and you would know she is imitating to offer namaz, it is not simple as it seems, I would only say please don't spread Fake News, and for her i would say she had bowed down to the Almighty even though just Faking it to create fuss, May Allah grant her the wisdom and accept her in Islam and she does really understand and offer namaz. request you to please pull down such fake reports after verifying yourself

  • Salman R.
    20/06/2018 08:57

    Well... She hasn't read the Qur'an then... What's she gonna do next? Claim to be a female prophet?😂

  • Suffi R.
    20/06/2018 01:24

    Where is zakir naik?please scolded this girl

  • Roohi M.
    19/06/2018 16:31

    Hum Mohammad (saw )se ha yeah kaynaat aun( saw )se ha yeh jeha cheez ha kya logo kalam aunse ha

  • Roohi M.
    19/06/2018 16:29

    Aaise baat sochna b mat warna na halak reha ga na hi halak me se zubaaaan reha gi .mind it

  • Roohi M.
    19/06/2018 16:24

    Sale sour khanzeer ki aulad Teri maa se tu b pig k rape k bad hi paid a houa ha

  • Umaisa S.
    19/06/2018 05:24


  • Aadil F.
    19/06/2018 05:22

    Best Thing is that Ignore Peoples like these, don't give them Attention

  • Musthafa K.
    19/06/2018 02:53

    In India, she has the freedom to lead the prayer, she likes. Those who dont like her idea can keep away, but has no right to critisize her

  • Amar S.
    18/06/2018 21:15

    When will mullahs let women stand in the front row?

  • Sageer A.
    18/06/2018 21:09

    Iski video jo virak hui thi usi namaz me ye ruku se uthne k baad bhi ALLAHU AKBAR bol rhi thi Copy bhi nhi kar pae barabar

  • Sageer A.
    18/06/2018 21:07

    Fake video hai ye

  • Vikash S.
    18/06/2018 18:08

    mohammad 55 sal ayesha bibi 6 sal nikah kaise jayaj hai mohammad rapist hai

  • Sheikh M.
    18/06/2018 17:35

    In name of gender equality these people disobey religion.....surely she will suffer in akhirah

  • Charyse V.
    18/06/2018 16:42

    Way to go...

  • Suhaib
    18/06/2018 16:29

    More Power to you Jamida Beevi!

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