• Osman S.
    23/08/2019 18:26

    Khele ki hobe but amra to lichu time dine 60-70pice kheye pheli koy ki6u to hoy na 😂😂😂😂😂😂malda district r business ke nosto kora but ki6u hobe na moner sondho amader di ke children ney asho kaliachak koto niba

  • Madhu S.
    13/07/2019 09:59

    Kisi bhi ladki ke liye Apne Parivaar ko hard nahi karna chahi

  • Akash J.
    09/07/2019 16:11

    May the loved ones RIP 👏👏

  • Pavan P.
    08/07/2019 03:37

    ...nod bhai

  • Pallavi C.
    07/07/2019 10:26

    This is not a logical reason

  • Rajesh K.
    05/07/2019 13:57


  • Rakesh K.
    05/07/2019 05:24

    dekh le

  • Nayanika D.
    05/07/2019 04:45

    dekho boumoni babai k akhn lichi khawabe na

  • Bhokal S.
    04/07/2019 06:09

    Team of doctors from AIMS visited the homes of several children who died, besides issues like too much heat and malnutrition they found most of those who died were living in asbestos sheet home where temperature in the night too doesn't go down. Most of the children in the affected areas were not vaccinated for Japanese Encephalitis also.

  • Vipin J.
    03/07/2019 14:55

    Sab rajniti h

  • Vipin J.
    03/07/2019 14:53


  • Vipin J.
    03/07/2019 14:52


  • Hasmukh C.
    03/07/2019 06:41

    Litchy and AES has no connection,No studies confirmed it till the date.. But Kids died due to Lack of Medical Health Service in Government Hospitals..

  • Manish A.
    03/07/2019 02:45

    Never I used this fruit 23 years approax from my childhood. Its mouthwatering fruit. I am having full sympathy with parents of dead small kids.

  • Parul S.
    02/07/2019 10:57

    Eating litchi is my favourite work to do, wth is this

  • সমীরণ ম.
    02/07/2019 02:25

    ...এটা দেখেছিস

  • Guddi D.
    01/07/2019 14:33

    It may be one of the factors due to the chemicals used or from contamination, but the silent culprit could be poverty, malnutrition (undernutrition) due to starvation, deficiency of micronutrients and minerals leading to various adversities of health and of course it creates a vicious cycle of infectious disease-malnutrition. We must also not forget to thoroughly analyse into the determinants of health.

  • Dilip K.
    01/07/2019 13:25


  • DrSenjam J.
    01/07/2019 11:32

    Incomplete findings.

  • Tabbi H.
    27/06/2019 17:43

    Is it??

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