• Prateek D.
    24/07/2019 02:48

    Do not confuse encephalitis with hypoglycaemic encephalopathy. The deaths are due to malnourishment. https://www.sirfnews.com/bihar-deaths-misreporting-aggravates-failed-state/ AES is a very broad and incorrect term in this context

  • Sohanjeet S.
    23/07/2019 15:50

    watch this😰

  • Harsh V.
    23/07/2019 07:17

    Rip 🙏❣️

  • Chameli S.
    23/07/2019 04:42

    this seems to be curse

  • Ravi T.
    22/07/2019 23:04

    Lychee is not responsible for any death .As I belong Muzaffarpur district we me & People's Near me had also consumed litchee but nothing happens to us and our surrounding people.I think Those kids have had choosen rotten and bad Quality because they can't afford to buy it. Many seller Used to sell poor quality and Rotten smelled litchi at very low price so Poor people Buy it eat it without knowing consequences of food poisoning & So So many children died .plz Don't defame any thing

  • Neeraj N.
    22/07/2019 16:12

    Didn't know this 😐

  • Malin P.
    22/07/2019 13:44

    maybe not too much lychee

  • Arqam S.
    22/07/2019 13:44

    They will never be malnurished again They are in beautiful place now with their lord providing them the best of the fruits

  • Pialy P.
    22/07/2019 12:26

    Rip to those children.

  • Anurag T.
    22/07/2019 12:19

    Brut is feeling jealous...No news of chandrayan launching...Apply burnol

  • Soha W.
    22/07/2019 12:18


  • Rajat T.
    22/07/2019 11:49

    Rip to those children. Brut, you guys create awesome content. Keep the good work up.

  • Gunjan T.
    22/07/2019 11:19

    Smriti Thakur

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