Navlakha Surrenders In Bhima Koregaon Case

Accused of having Maoist links and conspiring against the government, Gautam Navlakha surrendered on Tuesday. In an interview to Brut last year, he had spoken about how the current administration deals with activists like him.

15/04/2020 2:13 PMupdated: 15/04/2020 2:15 PM
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  • Nihar G.
    16/04/2020 14:32

    Sympathetic to who or what idiot where the fuck are you when Congress is ruling

  • Javed K.
    16/04/2020 10:36

    Very well said

  • Partha P.
    16/04/2020 05:23

    This guy is named in FBI files were ISI handler is arrested in US. This faggot even defended the ISI operative there and is not sorry for his role in operation by ISI. Have very closed connection with Maoists and he openly Admits it. Brut here fully hidden that part completely . Journalism my Ass

  • Tanmai S.
    16/04/2020 03:18

    First do all kinds of things than once you get busted play the victim card and blame it on the govt. A**hole like these are a cancer for our country.

  • Nihar X.
    15/04/2020 19:21

    Dis activist r paid to conspired against India.just hold on we majority just awake at 2014.1000yrs of conspiracy will going to many accounts r still to solve...

  • Elizabeth A.
    15/04/2020 19:06


  • Prince E.
    15/04/2020 18:39

    In this group Bhaktards support brut India's post when it's showing against left and bhakts praise it in comment. But when Brut India's post is against Right wing forces BJP or Sangh or any Hindu extremist party or group ....then all bhakts says that Brut India is left supporter 😂😂😂😅

  • Rehana S.
    15/04/2020 18:11

    The current administration will MAKE anyone speaking against them surrender somehow. Who knows what they did for him to surrender. Dictator in chief.

  • Andrew M.
    15/04/2020 18:04

    Well let me tell the Government of India the money of the people shall not go into a Parliament Building or beautifying Delhi. It shall not go to serve the fantasies of you supreme idiots bit it shall go to addressing every brother of mine affected by the pandemic. You are a bunch of criminal liars bringing out falsehoods as official pronouncements thru a grovelling propaganda media Freeze the use of muy money to serve my people first

  • Andrew M.
    15/04/2020 17:26

    Why should anyone conspire on this? Let us be clear this is an anti national government creating civil divide looting people's donations in an emergency into a private trust We have to see it as duty to replace these criminals

  • Krishnan M.
    15/04/2020 16:27

    You should learn to shut up

  • Kikz R.
    15/04/2020 16:17

    I Believe anyone who speak the truth or fights against the system will Always be An anti-nationals...Greater activists will come and go but the condition of this Country will remain the same..

  • Balasubramanya B.
    15/04/2020 15:40

    This bastard has surrendered to keep himself safe from being affected by coronavirus

  • Shantanu G.
    15/04/2020 15:34

    This Self Proclaimed Naxal Sympathizer would have some serious answers to give - Great Job NSA to weed out these Unlawful ruts.

  • Abhishek A.
    15/04/2020 15:23

    After getting bored on reporting on coronavirus situation brut india got This , we all know that brut is from left, now I think brut r not getting any news to report on the failure of administration of the govt so they came up with this, wait I can list there friends who r hepling hand on this kind of things - ndtv, the wire, the print, brut india no doubt on it , oh the quint too, great effort guys keep doing this

  • HISIS -.
    15/04/2020 15:16

    The only pappus in India are those show still think the politician who introduced anonymous electoral bonds to hide who he gets money from, and changed the law so he could also take foreign money, is somehow our only honest politician.

  • Priyam D.
    15/04/2020 15:00

    If he is proud to cal himself a Urban Naxal then he got he deserved

  • Padmaja P.
    15/04/2020 14:52

    The Wire is another anti India media.. Trust Brut India to quote Them!!!!

  • Brut India
    15/04/2020 14:23

    International NGO Human Rights Watch disapproved the arrests of Gautam Navlakha and Anand Teltumbde:

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