• Nikhil Y.
    4 days

    Wow , faad di bande ki , budda ab nahi bolega . never interrupt a woman 😀

  • Janardhana B.
    4 days

    Great Finance Minister. wellcome to Karnataka

  • Shane S.
    7 days

    Shitpot Sitaraman

  • Rajan K.
    09/05/2022 20:05

    Good for nothing FM ever been in India or ever will be in future.

  • Rajan K.
    09/05/2022 20:04

    Useless lady of India. Ignorant FM of India

  • Ragini S.
    09/05/2022 08:17

    She is the pride of Bharath.

  • Selva G.
    09/05/2022 07:35

    Only Jumla party has the right to Interrupt

  • Steve B.
    06/05/2022 08:34

    Because she is useless like modi

  • Kenneth L.
    01/05/2022 19:38

    Her nostrils are up... Economy is improving

  • Alyafai A.
    29/04/2022 11:39

    😂😂 finance minister....

  • Sunil S.
    27/04/2022 03:11

    Devi is intelligent n now she is angry, give her the trisul

  • Sen S.
    25/04/2022 13:59

    Because Mr Sougata came from world's worst ever community called Bengali Community....They destroy Bengal,now they headed towards India

  • Jaya P.
    25/04/2022 04:35

    They are asking question just for creating confusion and not interested about the reply. These crooks are fed-up of losing parliamentary election twice and thereby shouting out of frustration,

  • Saikrishna T.
    24/04/2022 18:48

    👍 Excellent

  • Radhika S.
    24/04/2022 18:14

    So true distraction distractors

  • Rajat V.
    24/04/2022 16:17

    Sgutaaaa boy... Offcourse will disply traits of his kind... Via pelting verbal stones in parliament... Else momaataaaa bano... Will enslave him and his won't get his slary by mommamamattaa begumm

  • Som B.
    21/04/2022 18:55

    Such a joke on finance ministry heavy taxation on middle class hard working people, why foreign investors are evading away from your traps why becos you are insisting them to make pickle in this country, whom are you fooling so cheap policy for working class if they invest everything on your forceful tax saving scheme what are they going to feed their family already paid cheap labour in India, Are you providing free food education medical expenses infrastructure is there any security for the people who religiously paid their taxes for their life term, who are you to dictate some stupid policy and extract money.. once TDS is deducted then why burden with more taxation on the remaining money the person spends is this not what you call it as extortion Any party in this country is Unfit to rule this country ashamed

  • Chandru R.
    18/04/2022 13:30


  • Kamakshi B.
    18/04/2022 02:17

    Kinda uncool.

  • Pa S.
    16/04/2022 10:48

    Because you don't know anything and have spoiled IND Economics.... Sold out all psu

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