Nitish Kumar's attack on alcohol drinkers

"Great sinners." As Bihar amended its prohibition laws, CM Nitish Kumar said those who consumed alcohol were "not Indians".

31/03/2022 2:27 PM
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  • Satweek R.
    03/04/2022 08:46

    He is giving speech without the basic knowledge Don’t know from what logic he is Comparing alcohol with vegetables 😂😂 All the bar business, hotel business, big fat weddings, corporate events have been shifted to other states like Jharkhand and UP bcoz of liquor prohibition. He have options to close local wine shop (Desi Theka) but he completely banned it. He pushed back Bihar’s development to more 15 years

  • Satweek R.
    03/04/2022 08:39

    He have no other trump card to win elections other than alcohol banned He ruined our state

  • Adam D.
    03/04/2022 06:38

    Blanket banning things do not work. Remember you're the CM of a state, not a Kindergarten teacher who can guilt people into doing or not doing cartain things. The only way to stop alcohol abuse is through education and employment opportunities, not calling them sinners and threatening divine punishment. Grow tf up!

  • Siddun K.
    03/04/2022 06:30

    Banning something is never the solution. Destroy the demand, and the supply will automatically stop.

  • Niilesh J.
    02/04/2022 01:02

    Jo log mare hai unno ne konsa alcohol peya tha. Woh company pe konsa case huwa hai? Aare bhaiya woh sab local drink peke marre hai.. thoda sa dimag lagaye aur thik se baat karre. Ab jisko Nasha karna hai woh toh kuch b leke kar sakta hai. Woh thodi na vegetable leke ghar jane wala hai 😂😂 Dev Raj Indra bhi pete hai. Ab unke liye b aise baate karenge aap? Kalyug hai bhai 😂😂 2 number mai jada paisa milta hai.. black market se paisa govt ko jana chaiye tha ab woh kahi aur jaa raha hai.

  • Jestine A.
    02/04/2022 00:31

    So if people stop drinking frm where will u get very high taxes except frm petroleum products

  • Vadapalli K.
    01/04/2022 19:26

    Sir.....announce capital punishment if ur serious .....n ppl or govt officers who collude....n make sure such cases to be tried on a fasttrack courts within a month ....come wht way ....things will change for Good . .with such fragile rules u can't contain.....

  • Rupam Z.
    01/04/2022 15:20

    Chodu CM with 0% knowledge

  • Rupam Z.
    01/04/2022 15:19

    Kiyu be chutiya India meh daru nahi milta kiya ... Tere Bihar meh daru nahi milta kiya ....?????

  • Virendra P.
    01/04/2022 12:48

    ये खुद पिता होगा

  • Joju T.
    01/04/2022 10:37

    Why you want to show alcohol bad. That itself is an advertisement. Sell in supermarket so nobody will care

  • Ipsit R.
    01/04/2022 06:55

    The mafias has money than ever before because of your dumb policies and everyone knows that the money will be used in your election can't restrict human nature you can regulate it.

  • Ipsit R.
    01/04/2022 06:49

    Your dumb narrow mindset is increasing the powers into mafias

  • Beniq M.
    01/04/2022 06:29

    Another Fwcktard!!!

  • Prateek S.
    01/04/2022 06:22

    Pakistan bhej do fir sabko, kya chutiyapa hai, ye batayenge ab kaun hai. . . Lol

  • SHravan S.
    01/04/2022 06:07

    और जो गांजा पीके अनाब शनाब कानून ला देता है वो महा लंपट है 😂😂😂

  • Prithu S.
    01/04/2022 05:55

    ye hypocrite leaders apni lifelong masti kr ke ab sab ko sanyasi banane ke liye bapu ka naam misuse kr rhe. introduce laws for containing after effects of drinking and not alcohol itself.

  • Prithu S.
    01/04/2022 05:52

    this is the most senseless thing I have seen o. the internet today. alcohol money does not go to buy vegetables, alcohol money and vegetable money are all going for black market liquor

  • Thomas G.
    01/04/2022 05:37

    He needs a drink.

  • Nandan K.
    01/04/2022 04:39

    He bred cartel in Bihar. A failed administrator in this matter when the state is not ready.

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