• Sampath A.
    13/06/2020 10:16

    Unemployment problem due to congress misguided. Now people will return. It takes time

  • Thomas T.
    31/05/2020 06:51

    Go and vote for bjp.

  • Dilawar S.
    24/05/2020 05:26


  • Sandesh P.
    20/05/2020 14:36

    brute gonna talk about population explode...?

  • Pratap N.
    20/04/2020 12:55

    This is an old vedio, don’t circulate non sense

  • Rinku S.
    17/04/2020 14:09


  • Ron P.
    16/04/2020 03:28

    Is this current photos of the situation there now?

  • Ravindran B.
    15/04/2020 05:33

    First they have to select good politician on their state and then should learn social behaviour it will not come all of sudden it come from birth also they should come out of raping 4 month baby shit kill those basterds getting money from other state and living a poor begger life shits

  • Ravindran B.
    15/04/2020 05:29

    Uneducated barbarian fellows

  • Narmada B.
    12/04/2020 06:17

    Contest in elections....

  • M S.
    09/04/2020 13:25

    God bless.

  • Kumar R.
    04/04/2020 06:23

    Fake hey

  • Ranjeet K.
    30/03/2020 14:15

    He Eeshwar berozgari failane wale atyachariyon aur unke paltu sahyogiyon ka ant kar

  • Warinder S.
    26/03/2020 05:37

    Bharat Raj ye bhi puchlo sarkar se kabhi

  • Pepper E.
    17/03/2020 13:44

    Don't worry India the coronavirus is coming and will take care of all your problems

  • Pepper E.
    17/03/2020 13:43

    Modi's far-right government will destroy India

  • Mishty B.
    16/03/2020 04:04

    बिहारी ही ऐसा कर सकते हैं...

  • Shamnad H.
    14/03/2020 18:34

    Don't worry ' Acche Din aayega zaroor'

  • Pauline G.
    14/03/2020 00:28


  • Jaswant S.
    13/03/2020 04:12

    Best trains and best job oppurnities in India NIR should come and we will make a swatch bharat. Yes if banks are not safe Iand my home is alyways at your disposal haa see Taj and my statue of unity and stadium and people behind the walls haa haa howedy wale manwar.

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