• Saravanaand G.
    25/05/2020 07:27

    If you are willing to die to go exam then who is gona sit for the exam....?????. False propaganda by anti-india

  • Akhil R.
    06/02/2020 12:34

    12 lacks for 12000 vacancy is not an exaggeration..... Come to kerala, 100000 applicants in each district on LDC exams. Less than 500 vacancies average. And do you no that which state in the country has the highest rate of unemployment??? മലയാളി ഡാ 💪💪💪

  • Devendran V.
    30/01/2020 03:55

    Our government not worried about unemployment rather more bent on citizenship. Very bad state of affair.

  • Nitin B.
    30/01/2020 02:55

    All thanx to Laloo and his supporters in media too.

  • Palak C.
    28/01/2020 03:04


  • Debabrata M.
    27/01/2020 05:22

    when you breed like rabbits, unemployment is bound to happen. No govt can fix it, however it's a horrific scene that people who aspire to join the police force, creating a lawless situation here .

  • Chayan M.
    26/01/2020 02:20

    They create chaos always and destroy public property even.

  • Kashif R.
    26/01/2020 00:23

    The ruling BJP is spending billions of dollars on worthless issues like building statues and organizing kumbhs.... India is certainly passing through dark ages 🙄

  • Raghunath T.
    25/01/2020 14:11

    Aur 10-10 bacche paida karo

  • Arvind T.
    25/01/2020 09:52

    I think we got caught in one of these

  • Negi M.
    24/01/2020 03:26

    Bhai dekho halaat 😣

  • Parminder .
    22/01/2020 12:24

    This is only the video of bihar... If you please sum up all the states its worst...

  • Anshuman S.
    21/01/2020 07:18


  • Dilip M.
    20/01/2020 18:32

    Sab changa see

  • Rahul R.
    20/01/2020 18:10

    Kyu sbko govt Job hi chahiye...

  • Longchang T.
    20/01/2020 15:11

    Day by day unemployment increases unemployed youths are our backbone of society if they are unemployed then no future of india but our political leaders never understood

  • Sashi B.
    20/01/2020 13:09

    Ho sake to wsup no post kare

  • Sashi B.
    20/01/2020 13:09

    Kaha hai sir aur kya kar rahe hai

  • Sushim A.
    20/01/2020 10:33

    Wherever these aspiring Bihar applicants go to appear exam they create massive chaos. Similar situation happened in Bhubaneswar last year and it became one unforgettable dark history of the city. Its expected from them to create chaos.

  • চ্চাও্ য.
    20/01/2020 09:54

    A Decade long pending issue of our country. Booming Unemployment ratio. Job Vacancy Limitation. Degrading Economy and Downfall of State's Revenue Capital. And the list goes on & on..☝☝