Obama Memoir: Sena's Raut Jumps To Rahul's Defence

"A politician from another country cannot make such a comment about a leader in India." The Rahul Gandhi reference in Barack Obama’s memoir has led to much debate in India. This is what Shiv Sena straight-shooter Sanjay Raut had to say on the matter.

16/11/2020 12:13 PMupdated: 16/11/2020 12:15 PM
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  • Pravin P.
    24/11/2020 20:17

    Hi,This guy Sanjay Raut n his boss n top cops are so corrupted u can see fm his face he is a lier n has black money fm business people n also fm Bollywoodgate families mafias gangsters godfathers they should check his bank accounts in different banks n places n he n his boss should be investigated by private detectives or uncover agents n they fill find that he n his boss are corrupted upto their balls u young people of Mumbai bring these culprits down n remove them fm their offices otherwise they will spoil reputation of Mumbai which is all ready dented b y these crooks put them in jail we will get justice 4 murders of late legend late Sushant RII n his managers murders n others u people it’s power to the people right now n go after them otherwise they will damage yr nice city Mumbai reputation

  • Kamlesh M.
    20/11/2020 18:54

    Half mmmmad

  • Saleem P.
    20/11/2020 16:32

    Obama one who created ISIS. Now talking about Indian politics. Strange...

  • Abhijnan S.
    20/11/2020 05:38

    mirchi lagi 😃😃

  • Sulabh C.
    18/11/2020 19:19

    Bechara Pappu..😆😆😆

  • Liji T.
    18/11/2020 18:24

    All mother protects her children ...Obama what he was let him know first ... Paid retired president...

  • Liji T.
    18/11/2020 18:22

    How can Obama judge Rahul ... What he knows ... Obama received some tip I think...

  • Nilesh A.
    18/11/2020 17:04

    Yala rahul gandhi chawla vedepanchi lakshane divsendiwas vadhat challiye ya naughty mansaachi

  • Phiĺip C.
    18/11/2020 13:50

    Very true,he has no right to comment about a politician in any other country.He becmae the president just by luck !!!

  • Vishal T.
    18/11/2020 06:31

    Mumbai police jati hi hogi Obama ko arrest karne 😂😂😂

  • Rohit C.
    18/11/2020 02:03

    Sanjay raut - trump is crazy person but we wont say Obama is a weak president but we wont say We wont say kah kah kar toh sab kuch kah diye

  • Anirban C.
    17/11/2020 13:37

    Now Sanjay Raut sending Mumbai police to arrest Obama

  • Karan R.
    17/11/2020 13:17

    Rahul Gandhi has made Santa-Banta jokes obsolete! Another victim of the Gandhis!

  • Abhi J.
    17/11/2020 13:02

    It is called Chautkare chamcha

  • Anisha R.
    17/11/2020 12:29

    Obama said the truth! Raut is a joke 😂

  • Komal S.
    17/11/2020 11:31


  • Srirang H.
    17/11/2020 11:18


  • Moosa K.
    17/11/2020 10:37


  • Barely A.
    17/11/2020 10:34


  • Madhok P.
    17/11/2020 08:21

    He wrote what his observations are with his limited access he got... This thug has problem as his partners in are crying... 😏🤦