Oil Minister On Why Fuel Prices Are So High

Union minister Hardeep Singh Puri has no chill for the constant wrangling about rising fuel prices. Here’s his take…

26/10/2021 1:43 PM
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  • Yash K.
    02/11/2021 03:12

    What a justification minister 👏👏

  • Ge J.
    01/11/2021 10:04

    Lies , lies and more lies. The citizens are asses they think.

  • Ge J.
    01/11/2021 10:03

    What lie? Vaccines were provided by not giving DA to central Govt employees.

  • Kote E.
    31/10/2021 06:40

    Vaccines are made available for free from oil taxes. But does Modi Photo Printing price in the certificates comes for free too. Waste of Taxpayers money.

  • Da R.
    31/10/2021 06:03

    It was better if we paid money and got the vaccine for two doses of covid vaccine.charging high tax 50+ (central+state tax) on petrolium products is too much.previous govts also provides many schemes,polio-vacine drive for the welfare of the country but they dont imposed huge taxes like this chutiya politicians 💩wen UPA govt increased rs 2 tax in petrol,all the bjp members came out in the streets n shouted UPA govt killed poor people.but now when they came in power all they do is a rubbis excuse 💩💩looting public money to fund the elections in UP and other states 💩

  • Sampad M.
    30/10/2021 10:35

    Was petrol below 30 rs when crude was 19 dollars!! Stop storytelling

  • Ranarandeep S.
    30/10/2021 08:32

    Why should they decrease the price since every politician or minister whether at state or centre gets free fuel.They have no concern about the people buying fuel they get their fuel free of cost. Politicians be like "Bhaad me jaye duniya"

  • Rotorozz N.
    30/10/2021 00:02

    Was corona invented to increase taxes?

  • Prabjot B.
    29/10/2021 15:49


  • Roosi K.
    29/10/2021 12:58

    Than don't say that govt. is providing free vaccines actually it is paid by hard earned money of Indians only.

  • Naku T.
    29/10/2021 12:56

    Randi ka bacha

  • Akhand B.
    29/10/2021 12:42

    Isko haraam ka jo mil raha hai.

  • Mehul J.
    29/10/2021 10:02

    So the things that they were doing during the previous price hike is basically nautanki.. and they are accepting it again and again on TV During the rallys and speeches and how fool are we if we still trust them to help us God save us ...

  • Abhishek D.
    29/10/2021 09:00

    You talk about ujjwala and making women free from unhealthy sources of cooking...then why do you keep on increasing the prices of minister ? How can they afford it ? Being middle class ppl we are unable to afford it how vl they? + Why did you kept on increasing the prices when crude fell in corona? Don't bloody say the excuse of oil bonds the answer was already given and laid in rajya sabha... And your excuse for giving vaccines why don't you take it on your fiscal deficit as exception...why first say vl give it for free all false promises and instead hospitals charge fees for administering it. Hypocritical ppl selfish and shameless on your part being an ex civil service officer

  • Varun S.
    29/10/2021 08:12

    We don't pay taxes because the Govt. need it for running welfare schemes and vaccination drives. We pay taxes because mahapurush ka photo chipkana hota hai har jagah.

  • Khushboo B.
    29/10/2021 08:02

    Best for you to show us some data how many vaccines you sponsored and how many were paid for before making these tall claims about utilisation of money for vaccines and making it sound like a favour

  • Nagaraj C.
    29/10/2021 05:41

    so you are selling vaccines...

  • Cee B.
    29/10/2021 05:34

    Jaago Grahak Jaago… 🤦🏻‍♀️ one time cost I would have understood for 2 dozes of vaccine. Petrol has been in the 95-108 (today) for the last 6 months. Effectively I have paid between 3500-3800 for a single time petrol filling and on an avg I have spent 30000 on petrol in the last 6 months… if it’s my hard earned money that is funding the vaccines then put my picture(all honest tax payers pic) on the certificate… 🤷🏻‍♀️ just saying But it’s a sham what is happening and getting justified by such a learned politician… shame

  • Sriram V.
    29/10/2021 03:20

    Minister seems to suggest that 75% of India’s population has been living the life of beggars for more than a year and the govt. has footed the dole in full (feeding them 3 meals a day). Is this true?

  • Suresh J.
    29/10/2021 03:19

    Mist resign not capable of reducing fuel prices u get everything from public money which u enjoy a lot moment to moment what about common men

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