On CCTV: Delhi Mom Fights Kidnappers

This footage of two men trying to abduct a 4-year-old girl was caught on CCTV camera. But there was more to the crime...

23/07/2020 1:27 PMupdated: 27/07/2020 10:35 AM
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  • Firdous A.
    10/10/2020 08:08

    Very brave lady

  • Sheikh E.
    08/10/2020 15:02

    Brave Mom

  • Malik T.
    07/10/2020 11:16

    o my god

  • Tara J.
    04/10/2020 07:51


  • Sukhdev S.
    30/09/2020 11:09

    maa maa hote hai

  • Dominique D.
    20/09/2020 04:59

    I know that's right mama flew out the door like Chi Chi from DBZ

  • Chaitanya G.
    16/09/2020 06:56

    Brave mother.. her ferocious attack has to be appreciated and even the neighbours who showed courage ..the culprits look inexperienced ..otherwise it could have been a successful kidnap.. all homes should be equipped with the grill door behind the main ppl dont have access into the house directly....with every incident we all need to learn a lesson...

  • Chaitanya G.
    16/09/2020 06:56

    All these is soo horrifying and shocking. Hats off to the Courageous Mother and her presence of mind and neighbors also. Shame on such relatives😡😡

  • Prudence K.
    14/09/2020 06:45


  • Sudeshna N.
    25/08/2020 04:28

    Baap re Baap

  • Moos C.
    24/08/2020 20:37

    Superb mother god bless you

  • Moos C.
    24/08/2020 20:36

    Brave mother

  • Mahmud M.
    23/08/2020 00:46


  • Hữu T.
    15/08/2020 19:56

    Bắn bỏ hết lũ bắt cóc trẻ em ngay và luôn, chúng không đáng để được xét xử thậm chí không đáng được nhận án tử hình!!!

  • Zarif .
    15/08/2020 14:26

    It is better die hungry then finding penny from innocent childs life these kinds of people is gonna fire up in the hell burn forever

  • Shama M.
    14/08/2020 19:43


  • Abhishek K.
    14/08/2020 19:24

    Alertness is very important but sad thing is that we are not Alert

  • Abhishek K.
    14/08/2020 19:24

    In today's world we should Alert

  • Abhishek K.
    14/08/2020 19:23

    thanks brut India

  • Nguyễn N.
    10/08/2020 00:56

    Người mẹ tuyệt vời

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