Online Classes: Strong Advice For Nosy Parents

Bangalore’s Dr Antony Robert Charles thinks it’s a bad idea to scrutinise school teachers during online classes. It's the same principle as doctors stopping patient’s family from entering the operation theatre, he argues.

08/24/2020 3:08 PM
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  • Padmaja M.
    11 hours

    Well said sir, thank you so very much for supporting the teacher fraternity. Hope many parents understand and give a helping hand to help to move on with the new ideas. All the very best to the students and teachers for these new challenges.

  • Satyajit S.
    13 hours

    Very correct Sir

  • DrPramashree N.
    15 hours

    I request evry1 of evry different profession to respect n understand each others profession. Why in today's world evry1 is soo busy finding only fault in othrs. Please try to see the hard work , work load behind that ....if not..den don't complain evrytym. Is pronounciation/sensitive/insensitive/ etc matters!! parents look into the real matter what they teach. Teachers r wrkng hard without being paid. Did anyone if the parent put notice to it! related prblm ask principal/Dean.... don't misunderstand them. Great respect to our doctor 🙏 N lots n lots of love n respect to evry teacher out evrywere☺️

  • Vinod C.
    16 hours


  • Parab L.
    17 hours

    Teachers are always blamed. So no more pain or clearance we r gurus and we Hv to make our student understand what we r teaching that's it. I m tuition teacher all said to start online but I said no to it and I m good

  • Charlotte F.
    17 hours

    agree with you, doc 👍👌

  • Lalitha L.
    17 hours

    Excellent explanation sir.

  • Anita K.
    18 hours

    Your thinking is very good sir

  • Linda M.
    19 hours

    Thank you for your honest, unbiased opíníon, Dr.

  • Riddhima R.
    20 hours

    Wow so beautifully portrayed sir. Lot of respect for you. I left this profession is due to the lacking respect in this field

  • Lidwin M.
    20 hours

    What he is saying is the truth. It’s not easy to perform your duties when you are constantly being watched. Teaching is not easy . How many parents keep their calm when they teach their own kids?

  • Mia M.
    a day

    Absolutely spot on !!!

  • Rashmi S.
    a day

    Absolutely true..👍👍👍

  • Venkat P.
    a day

    Indian only not allowed

  • Vidya V.
    a day

    Very well explained sir

  • Bandana B.
    2 days

    Just awesome....thank you sir..

  • Munni S.
    2 days

    I do agree with your suggestions.

  • Vijayaraghavan S.
    2 days

    Very nice advice for the parents.

  • Joyji A.
    2 days

    You are absolutely right Doctor, we must be patient as the current situation is a begin for new world and new challenges, there will be ups and down, cause our teaching system were not planned for home schooling, and it will take time for everyone to adapt changes, we must be an optimist and keep trust and respect on others.

  • Garima A.
    2 days

    Aftr so long....finally Heard sum1 sensible...

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