Opposition Takes On Centre Over Rising Covid Infections

Dr. Harsh Vardhan Vs. Anand Sharma on whether India botched its pandemic response. Whom do you find more convincing? 👀

17/09/2020 2:57 PM
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  • Aditya P.
    24/09/2020 14:16

    Recovery rate of india is 81.2%.

  • Jeffery D.
    21/09/2020 17:10

    Well said sir

  • Joshua Z.
    21/09/2020 14:50

    The minister mask looks like some part of lingerie,man,leopard stripe and all.

  • Nitesh I.
    21/09/2020 01:50

    Dude look at population wise, our neighbouring countries does not have that much population.

  • Hitesh S.
    20/09/2020 16:36

    WTF, majority cases are Coming in from areas where people have made a mockery of lockdowns. It is easy to blame the government rather than looking into the true picture where irresponsible people have contributed to this. Congress forever have nothing good to do or say. Don’t waste time on these idiots.

  • Venkatashan B.
    20/09/2020 11:26

    Lockdown is not self-imposed. Totalitarian government-imposed useless lockdown which affected every segment of the citizen negatively.

  • Praful D.
    19/09/2020 08:29

    Boss check your Ass first . You so called Indian Politician are more dangerous then Chinavirus you are bacteria for any Society and Democracy Every state Government should come together to fight against this virus Don't play politics people are dying . Help the center to help you After all we have a big population and zero infrastructure since congress rule garbage With so many Bastards neighbours country around check that also.

  • Mohideen A.
    19/09/2020 07:24

    For who supports sudden imposing of lockdown, the question is why was lockdown imposed in matter of hours? What’s the benefit?

  • Ajy B.
    19/09/2020 03:16

    It is not mistake of government either we can only control it by awaring people 😎😎😎😎

  • Anupam S.
    18/09/2020 23:51

    Phatke maaro ch#tiyo ko

  • Arun S.
    18/09/2020 19:23

    valid questions raised

  • Dominic B.
    18/09/2020 17:31

    Congress party should focus on something else

  • Khusi T.
    18/09/2020 14:48

    It's fact wo don't compare to death as per others countries jo khota hai wo janta hai please make proper facilities no excuse for life

  • Jean-Marc F.
    18/09/2020 14:34

    India's racism culture their down fall

  • Gsane K.
    18/09/2020 13:10

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  • Harin S.
    18/09/2020 08:03

    The accusation is right on the money. The government indeed failed to contain the spread of the virus infection where as our densely populated and poorer neighbour like Pakistan and Bangladesh managed to handle the spread commendably well.

  • Vipin K.
    18/09/2020 07:33

    Modi Govt did not handle this well ...... it lacked administration ....

  • Kripaja V.
    18/09/2020 07:23

    Modi n his criminal team is busy on building new parliament...such a shameless party with no commitment to nation but committed to fulfill sangparivar agenda alone ...

  • Shobhit D.
    18/09/2020 05:22

    Death related to covid 19 is highly under reported in Pakistan Bangladesh etc. Comparison is useless

  • Suryansh K.
    18/09/2020 05:02

    keep calm and support Modi.

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