• Hyderabad H.
    06/20/2019 11:11

    Idiot Illiterate and criminals ....it shows how fake they are ruling our country...Showing Something doing nothing in reality...

  • Keni E.
    06/20/2019 11:12

    The Parliament of India has become a parliament for Jokers.

  • AB Q.
    06/20/2019 11:13

    Bharat Maata becomes Bharat Papa during India -Pakistan Cricket Match 😂

  • Rajratna G.
    06/20/2019 11:13

    So what Brut? What's wrong in that? What it has to do with religion? Why media always try to ignite communal hate?

  • Gs K.
    06/20/2019 11:13

    Befitting reply

  • Aryan G.
    06/20/2019 11:13

    So I'm assuming that by criticizing the non Hindu leader leads to the development of the nation

  • Jagrat S.
    06/20/2019 11:14

    Jai Bhim

  • Jagdeep H.
    06/20/2019 11:15

    As per my opinion Jai hind is ok . No need of vande matram.

  • Sharqa A.
    06/20/2019 11:16

    He is great opposition of current govt, it's good to see him in parliament again. Intellectual debater, well behaved. Honest representative of Muslim community. Best of luck for 5 years Sir. 👑🌸🌹🍀🍁🌼🌻🌺🌷

  • Bimal
    06/20/2019 11:16

    These kind of religious chants were never used before inside the parliament during the last 65 years of India. Thanks feku and his chaddi bhakts for making the mockery of the democracy and constitution.

  • Shah S.
    06/20/2019 11:17

    religion, cast are rulings india.....that's why India is a developing country....

  • Santhosh N.
    06/20/2019 11:20

    Jai Shree Ram

  • Siddharth M.
    06/20/2019 11:20


  • Sourabh D.
    06/20/2019 11:20

    Wht is wrong in chanting vandey matram. Brut india

  • Shahidul I.
    06/20/2019 11:21

    Generally we know when a lion roared all the dogs are crying

  • Raja R.
    06/20/2019 11:22

    Hai Hind

  • Tucky T.
    06/20/2019 11:22

    Patriotard sankis!!!

  • Aasif Ť.
    06/20/2019 11:24

    It is good for them to remember those things whenever they see Owaisi sahib. Mujhey inka ye dar aacha laga One man [email protected]

  • Joypu T.
    06/20/2019 11:25

    This man is very true really a one man army.

  • Rajesh K.
    06/20/2019 11:25