• Richa S.
    19/12/2021 18:33

    They are trained to behave that way. All part of the big show.

  • Naveed K.
    19/12/2021 15:15

    They r trained on how to react as well

  • Thiru S.
    18/12/2021 13:34


  • Moayad A.
    18/12/2021 11:49

    Like the Nobel peace prize the winner in this shallow competition is decided by politics

  • Ranjabati C.
    18/12/2021 10:24

    Did you guys run out of content? Is this even a post, like what else are they supposed to do say thanks with a blank face and leave the stage? It’s not like they are receiving an award in a society function, this is a huge platform. It’s a title they are going to carry for the rest of their lives. Why don’t you guys also make a post about Indian cricketers crying after they won the World Cup match? May be even they were trained for it ...

  • Sachi W.
    18/12/2021 07:14

    Judging,Questioning..women ALL YOUR LIFE AS A COUNTRY. Would this be raised if it was a man?! I don’t think so. So here’s why? They have represented the country,they’ve gotten the country a recognition from their talent and they’re humble and they’re extremely happy and proud.But they sure can’t behave like vultures and scream in overjoy having representing their nation in-front of almost the world right?! They’ve made the country proud and now they’re representing the world. There should be no debate or discussion about how they react on in such a eventful moment. 😒🤷🏻‍♀️ You’d judge them and make an article if they got a bit over excited also, and now they didn’t and they kept calm in a ethical manner again it’s a question. You media need to get your facts and topics right to speak about.Don’t make everything like how papz bully & judge the Royals for the tiniest move they make as disrespectful or offensive. Let people be as they are 😒

  • Kavita M.
    18/12/2021 03:05

    Its natural reaction

  • Makvana K.
    17/12/2021 21:53

    Alag hi level hai aapki research ka !!

  • Akash S.
    17/12/2021 21:03

    Tears of joy - overrated

  • Amit G.
    17/12/2021 17:47

    koi or news nahi hai tumare paas be

  • Manisha S.
    17/12/2021 15:36

    Susmita sen ❤

  • Harsh K.
    17/12/2021 13:35

    To kya ab ek banda utar ke judge ko chaped mar de ?

  • Samanmalie H.
    17/12/2021 10:44

    Well not that they can jump up and down in joy like after winning a sports competition! I'd say they are reacting appropriately to the nature of the competition.

  • Viji S.
    17/12/2021 00:59

    Maybe they were taught to react this way suppose they win,,thats the only logical answer

  • Nandita V.
    17/12/2021 00:15

    Wow! I actually thought there'd be something at the end of it. What a useless video 😂

  • Da G.
    16/12/2021 21:22

    The skin tone at the hands doesn't match with the face and that sums all their so called beauty...

  • Azita D.
    16/12/2021 20:43

    Instudied behavier, all fram same country

  • Saffia M.
    16/12/2021 20:36

    So they all had different reactions.....

  • Anupreet K.
    16/12/2021 17:29

    I wonder why they cry so much when being crowned. You won a beauty pageant. You are not actually being crowned as a queen or going to rule. Even astronauts who stepped on moon did not have such giddy reactions

  • Jismy V.
    16/12/2021 17:09

    Useless video. One word summary: reflex

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