• Amit K.
    05/03/2019 03:11

    Still amateur

  • Amit M.
    05/03/2019 03:30

    Wtf? Aakhir bole to bole Kya🤣🤣🤣

  • Rajan P.
    05/03/2019 03:39

    He must not .., it is just not a fight between Congress and BJP , it is just not a win or loose for Modi and Rahul, it not just about Hinduvta ideology or secular democratic republic , it is not just about a rich masters ruling rest of petrified Indian slaves , it is survival of the compassionate Indian society or a anarchist society of might is right where a handful dictate rest of the miserables. What is it going to be INDIA ?

  • Uday R.
    05/03/2019 03:44

    Who gave u helicopters so that u are joking it. It's the tax payers money after all. And don't make a joke of it like a little kid.

  • Md W.
    05/03/2019 03:51

    Where are those people claiming brut india is congress paid and modi paid ?

  • Ricky S.
    05/03/2019 04:21

    But smriti irani started pumping that she shouldn't do coz a man was doing it already with more force than her

  • Harshit P.
    05/03/2019 05:01


  • Pankaj B.
    05/03/2019 05:10

    comedians or politicians? 🤣😂

  • Pawan C.
    05/03/2019 05:23

    तुम लोगो को वोट किस लिये दूँ ???? 26/11 और सीरीयल बम बलास्ट करने के लीये ??? A.k 47 से नीरदोष नागरीको की हत्या करने के लिये ??? घोटाला वैगरह जो किया वो तो अभी अलग है ?? क्या मेरा वोट तुमलोगो को देकर मै उस पाप का अधिकारी बनु जीससे मासुम हींदु , मुसलमान बेवजह बमबलास्ट और 47 से हजारो लोगो को मरवा डाला , पीछले 10 साल के अंदर क्या क्या कीया वो मंजर भुलाये नही भुला जा सकता ?????

  • Nithin N.
    05/03/2019 07:01

    Brut India is campaigning all the time so why can't they

  • Abhirup D.
    05/03/2019 07:11

    I'm just loving this editing man 😂😂😂😂

  • Dipam P.
    05/03/2019 09:16

    Is this helicopter gift from vadra family or from pappu's family! When did pappu went for work or his family did such a work! So he can purchase this helicopter! 😂😂😂

  • Suraj A.
    05/03/2019 09:32

    poll time 'Thamasha ' l0l

  • Bava F.
    05/03/2019 11:02

    They know the mind of people

  • Arpita K.
    05/03/2019 11:12

    eta dekh

  • Yatin S.
    05/03/2019 11:53

    nice one team

  • Brut India
    05/03/2019 12:22

    And if these stunts weren't enough...

  • Mannique M.
    05/03/2019 12:33

    Shocking endorsement of terror accused. BJP betrays their rhetoric of opposing terrorism. Fake nationalism and spurious patriotism defines the functioning of BJP led NDA government headed by an illiterate chowkidar . The people of this country would be better off without this Outgoing PM cum illiterate Chowkidar who have pushed the country on the brink of economic and social disaster.

  • Nataraj B.
    05/03/2019 12:51

    I seriously suspect smriti Irani set fire herself and was trying to extinguish it ???!

  • Subrata B.
    05/03/2019 13:22

    Amir aur Gareeb ka farq pata chal gaya