• Banjo D.
    16/02/2022 10:58

    Congress congress congress congress congress congress congress congress congress congress congress we love congress

  • M R.
    16/02/2022 10:09

    You only know how to dig the past or attack Congress, can't you for a day talk about development and your achievements.

  • Shubham P.
    16/02/2022 09:17

    Agar BJP na hota 🤣

  • Gautam M.
    15/02/2022 23:57

    Gobar bjps ko bhagao Desh bachao

  • Mahadeb S.
    15/02/2022 20:21

    Jai shree Ram

  • Sekho Z.
    15/02/2022 20:19

    You are spoiling everyone .. Rip

  • Sheikh A.
    15/02/2022 20:03

    Agr Congress na hoti tho aap kuch bhi bech na paye🤣😂🤣😂

  • Ebenezer B.
    15/02/2022 19:42

    Rename BJP first modi

  • Manas R.
    15/02/2022 18:49

    Agar congress na hoti to modi ji jaise chai wala aaj desh ki Pradhan mantri na ho pata. Aur kuch boloon kya

  • Selva K.
    15/02/2022 18:05

    Quite Unfortunate.... BJP has no pride to take from this speech by the de facto head of the government of India. A sad day in the Indian democracy.

  • Cynthia D.
    15/02/2022 17:50

    What a disgusting Prime Minister.

  • Şahrukh K.
    15/02/2022 17:23

    ये मोदी गांडु पैदा भी नही होआ होगा जब से कांग्रेस है

  • Durga N.
    15/02/2022 16:38

    Utter failure PM in all sectors everytime blame others it will not work out every time. He is not PM he is PA to Ambani & Aadhani .His prime am is to sold out all public enterprises and make profit to his two GujaratI brothers.people must open their eyes observe his action.He is a main destroyer of AP state. Simply ignorining after stone foundation for AP capital .He remains PM to Gujarath nit for India.

  • Venkat M.
    15/02/2022 16:09

    To My Knowledge in the entire Indian history these are my all time favourite PMs who had vision and wants development for his nation Rajiv Gandhi --- Congress, IT visionery PV Narasimha Rao --- Congress, the most underrated PM as well but his approvals on many was the reforms and changes which we are experiencing till now. Atal Bihari Vajpayee --- BJP, the most fearless PM on border issues and pioneer in Improving India's Road Infrastructure. Dr ManMohan Singh --- Congress, Financial Architect who helped India move forward despite the 2008 US recession, but unfortunately held by Soniaji and Pappu ji. This man (Narendra Modi) has an excellent oratory skills who can make india largest GDP only by his speech and Mouth ( we call it as vadai in local language). When compared by data and fact nothing on board 😎😎😎😎

  • Lokesh A.
    15/02/2022 15:30

    Shame on him tell like that he doesn't know what contribute all political parties given when bjp chamcha bakths come to power he thinks we all india get independence

  • Soumen P.
    15/02/2022 15:02

    Congress Nehi Hota To Tum Chai ( Tea) nehi Bechta. Congress nehi hota to Tum can't take breath in independent India, Congress Nehi Hota to apka baju me India ka pahela Free Vaccine ka Thappa na Hota, Congress nehi Hota to aap congress se itna darta nehi Hota,

  • Anbin E.
    15/02/2022 11:54

    Such an illiterate

  • Shivaji A.
    15/02/2022 11:07

    What are you doing bloody it is not Indian Government. It is Modi Government. Are you king ..we will not allow Chaiwal..bloody basterd

  • John W.
    15/02/2022 11:02

    They should arrange a teleprompter so he can speak as a Prime Minister during a parliament session and not as a politician during an election campaign.

  • Mohana S.
    15/02/2022 10:37

    Long life PM Modi

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