PM Modi Lanced Into Congress Party's Treatment of Late Singer Kishore Kumar

Prime Minister Narendra Modi brought up a decades-old story about the Congress party's treatment of singer Kishore Kumar during the Emergency.

06/29/2018 1:30 AM
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  • Pooja D.
    06/29/2018 01:44

    It all started long before. Aurangzeb banned the use of Pungi in his court. He is to be blamed.

  • Pankaj B.
    06/29/2018 01:46

    Bhai ye heart ❤ react kon kar rha hai .

  • Ajith P.
    06/29/2018 01:51

    History ka Professor Hai yeah...

  • Sunny P.
    06/29/2018 02:06

    And you killed gauri for writting against hindutav hatred

  • Karan K.
    06/29/2018 02:07

    The best history teacher in this world 😄

  • Parth J.
    06/29/2018 02:22

    congress IT cell valo ne is page ko khared leya hai

  • శివరామకృష్ణ క.
    06/29/2018 02:25

    The same thing happened with Telugu artists a matter of fact ,that's what happens even today,if someone tries to exercise their Fundamental Rights by opposing Congress Men,especially when they're in power.

  • A. S.
    06/29/2018 02:32

    साहेब को ४० साल पुराना घोषित आपातकाल अच्छे से याद है मगर ४ साल पहले जनता से जो बड़े बड़े वायदे किए थे वो याद नहीं ! वाह रे भगतों के फ़क़ीर !

  • Smak J.
    06/29/2018 02:43

    Buddha pagal hogay hai

  • HISIS -.
    06/29/2018 02:44

    Modi Bhai, don't pretend to be modest. You are no less. We just need to see what happens to anyone who criticizes you or your government.

  • Rahil K.
    06/29/2018 02:44


  • Rahil K.
    06/29/2018 02:45


  • Vikas B.
    06/29/2018 02:54

    Matlab kuch bhi

  • ਰਾਜੇਸ਼ ਸ.
    06/29/2018 02:58

    Mr modi jee forget the past n live in present. Do the best u can do for country which u and govt is not doing

  • Sheikh I.
    06/29/2018 02:59

    Kya baklandi insan hai yeh

  • Rafeeq M.
    06/29/2018 03:01

    But you guys are taking a step ahead and silencing the people who talk against BJP.

  • Touseef A.
    06/29/2018 03:02

    Wah kya story feki hai Wah faku ji wah

  • Mani T.
    06/29/2018 03:07

    History teacher with wrong facts.

  • Alex J.
    06/29/2018 03:12

    Still better than lynching/killing

  • Mathew S.
    06/29/2018 03:12

    Turn the page.