PM Modi On Setting Tough Targets And Meeting Them

Fancy cars. Foreign trips. But not paying enough tax? Prime Minister Modi has a message for you.

02/13/2020 2:39 PMupdated: 02/18/2020 11:54 AM
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  • Belinda V.
    03/26/2020 10:32

    Mr. PM pls stop your unnecessary trips n c things will fall in place....they need money to buy more congress mlas

  • Amin K.
    03/21/2020 20:21

    Seriously modi jee, grow up

  • Tamra U.
    03/17/2020 06:33

    Preach what you practice and Practice what you preach. Your Extravagant lifestyle clearly shows that all the restrictions and heavy taxes and penalties are Only for the People who are struggling hard to Earn to survive even when the Country is Going Through Bogus Economy. Have some Sense and and Work for The Welfare Of The People, To Uplift the Standards of Living. You Talk of Trillions where The People are still facing Poverty and Hunger, Unemployment and Lyncing etc etc.

  • Kalimullahkhan K.
    03/17/2020 01:10

    Janta ko Tax dekar bhi kya faeda huwa?.. Janta ko sirf loota jaa raha h..crud oil price kam h lekin janta ko iska koi laabh nahi mila🤔🤔 banko ki istithi rozgaar ki istithi🤔🤔 gas ka daam bhi 900rs

  • Sughosh K.
    03/14/2020 21:38

    Modiji:We need to increase our workforce, increase minimum income and bring everyone in formal economy with social benefits. It is incorrect to say that out of 130 Crore only 1.5 Crore pay taxes. The realistic data would be We have 50% of population below 25 years and 10% over 60 years. So the net working population is 40% around 52 Crores, In this working population if we exclude TDS and Non working people like Govt Services, housewives, Agriculture, Army and Police Services, Politicians,Working abroad, Maids, Uneducated, Un employed, Less Income, PSU employees. We need to Compare out of the actually working, There are around 6 Crore who are filling returns and 1.5 Crore Tax eligible. I feel there is very Small percent who are actually evading tax. Infact most of the Income is below 5 Lakhs.

  • Bhargav R.
    03/14/2020 19:54

    Please fulfil your manifesto promises of Uniform Civil Code, NRC and Population Control Bill.

  • Adv M.
    03/13/2020 23:00

    What a shameful person is this? In spite of destroying the country and it's economy this lier is still making fool the audience, we all are paying tax in the form of GST , service tax, sales tax and lots of in each and every commodity .

  • R.C. V.
    03/13/2020 18:43

    I am so sure that this guy will never be 'The Beast'...🤣🤣

  • Sara C.
    03/13/2020 08:38

    Banks spoiled Bsnl gone Infosis gone 370 kg blasting meterial entered india killed36 jawans Modi failed pm

  • Sara C.
    03/13/2020 08:36

    Modi liar Modi not trust worthy

  • Joseph R.
    03/12/2020 10:55

    Fraud no 1

  • Přîńćê Ř.
    03/12/2020 05:46

    to be frank I'm not a Congress guy ... This guy Modi brain washed and turned people to bhakts.. so even when India is getting destroyed for their eyes it doesn't look like any harm .. we lost economy, Religious peace, insecurity for women etc.. so many things Digital India for a way to see middle class and lower class people account transaction to be transparent where as politicans and business men they have hidden agenda business market ....

  • Moto K.
    03/11/2020 10:53

    Sach hi to keh RHA h.. iski bas sbki kamayi par hi Nazar hai.. income tax chahiye ise 5 trillion economy krne ke liye

  • Pradhosh M.
    03/11/2020 09:31

    He doesn't know any can he explain numbers The difference between this government and any other government is there is lot of noise that is made like an empty vessel...and full of lies

  • Nizamuddin A.
    03/11/2020 08:08

    Politicians who was elected by people served for 5 years and get the pension till death. They ate in parliament" canteen almost free by our taxpayer money. Even, politicians is exempted to pay tax of their salary.

  • Rashid A.
    03/10/2020 14:17

    Jaise kala dhan dhan parapt karne k liye note bandi ki gai aur sara kaladhan safed hogaya,aur note bandi ek muskil kam tha

  • Thomas G.
    03/10/2020 07:48


  • Manpreet S.
    03/10/2020 06:12

    Income hogi toh income tax banta hai

  • Silvans J.
    03/10/2020 06:00

    Kitna jhoot bolte ho uncle 😅😂🤣🤪

  • RN H.
    03/10/2020 01:33

    Ha ha ha, vedic economist.