PM Modi Struggles To Create Jobs For Millions Seeking To Join Workforce

Indians are clearly desperate to find work. Has Prime Minister Narendra Modi failed to deliver on his promise to create enough jobs?

16/05/2018 12:00 AM
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  • Mahendra U.
    01/07/2018 05:51

    "FOREIGN MEDIA" : Its a pay back time.. Practically it says no data available but in the end wants to hold Modi Responsible for it. LOL..They think Indians are still Snake Charmers...

  • Chamanuddin S.
    26/06/2018 19:10

    sir , sun ne me sorom lagta hai

  • Sudhir V.
    26/06/2018 16:13

    If they multiply like rabbits n embrace outsiders also to settle here; even god cant provide decent life to all. Netas n system will keep throwing roti ke tukde n exploit their helplessness.

  • Jyothi S.
    25/06/2018 14:31


  • Chiranjeevi S.
    24/06/2018 21:37

    Chaiwaaala malaaai maaraa.... 😛

  • Mirza S.
    24/06/2018 11:46

    Has failed to every promise he made.. no 1 feku

  • Karan J.
    24/06/2018 07:52

    I am hotel management graduate searching for a job in hotels in Mumbai no one is ready to hire just because I'm fresher. I have given my interview in Taj, Hilton,The Leela,Hyatt,JW Marriott etc, after giving my interview, they all say that we'll call you and I am waiting for their call for last one year I even said to them that I will work lowest position in particular department with lowest perk but still they doesn't respoded me.

  • Himanshu G.
    24/06/2018 05:41

    who else should be held accountable? Nehru..

  • Ambasta P.
    24/06/2018 03:17

    People should understand the Indian economy rather blaming him he is trying very well taking all possible steps but people should understand K unke hath m koi jadu ki chadi ni hai k turant sb thik ho jayenge Ek din Jyada pani dene se paodha ped ni ban jata everything takes time

  • Ravindranath G.
    23/06/2018 10:28

    Other parties r not allowed to work janata must come on road

  • Shiv A.
    23/06/2018 09:00

    Here is another page funded by _____.

  • DeeP S.
    23/06/2018 08:10

    4 years ho chuke hai govt ko saalo ko abhi tak black money ka raag nhi yaad aa raha pehle bohat bhoonk te the abb ramdev ka business too much ho gya hai uski juban ko b tala lagg gya hai,,aur apne logo ko scam kr k bga rahe hai foreign mein nirav modi maalya jaiso pakdne ka dumm nhi aur baaton mein toh sab fekne ki aadat hai

  • DeeP S.
    23/06/2018 07:55

    Mhaa feku pm in the world

  • Parth M.
    23/06/2018 03:18

    Is k aandar chor he

  • Isai S.
    22/06/2018 23:40


  • Nikky S.
    22/06/2018 18:12's worst pm

  • Sumit A.
    22/06/2018 17:39

    Shouldn’t we count pakora sellers😛

  • Son M.
    22/06/2018 16:38

    What???its all about jumlas bagwas jobs

  • Bholu D.
    22/06/2018 14:17

    The truth which bhakt community can't digest

  • Brut India
    22/06/2018 12:36

    Automation may cause even more unemployment in India.

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