Policemen Brutally Thrash Transgender Women In Meerut

Two transgender groups ended up at the police station over a territory dispute. But the policemen there shocked the whole country by doing this.

13/06/2019 1:57 PMupdated: 13/06/2019 7:08 PM
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  • Hisyammudin K.
    14/05/2020 11:11

    Bagusnya kat Malaysia gini jek.

  • Suru S.
    16/04/2020 04:47

    I wish they handled shaheen bagh anti national and anti social scum bags in same way

  • Frank G.
    15/11/2019 04:28

    And you people think you have it bad in this country..

  • Rafael P.
    31/10/2019 20:13

    I hope someone hurt these guys one day. Nobody needs that brutality. They could just separated them but they choose to use violence. No escuses.

  • Honey V.
    07/10/2019 15:02

    Police don't have any rights on trans

  • Roger M.
    15/09/2019 18:07

    That's right, tell me an excuse for this kind of barbarian action? I'm sure the rest of the wirld agrees with you. India shamful garbage country.

  • Roger M.
    15/09/2019 18:04

    India is inhuman and uneducated. There are ways to stop illegal begging next to hitting people with sticks. No reason for that and unconstitutional. That country will never change. A country that have their own citizens called unclean and cleaning toilets. India, you are shamful.

  • Animesh P.
    12/09/2019 16:30

    pefect!! they start robbing in train bus

  • Hrishikesh B.
    12/08/2019 03:40

    On of my friend while traveling in a train was slapped in front of his sister for not giving these "women with a dick" money. When he came back from the trip he shared his experience and told us how ashamed he felt in front of his sister and rest of the strangers. Fear is necessary to put a leash on the havoc they cause in trains and buses.

  • Prabhu R.
    11/08/2019 15:59

    Good job !!!

  • Vaibhav D.
    11/08/2019 11:55

    There is big Scam , these involved in human trafficking ,what police done is absolutely correct Brut is just posting videos like idiots without base just to make people angry Shame on you

  • Prasad P.
    11/08/2019 09:25

    They don't want job, only easy money

  • Rajib D.
    11/08/2019 04:35

    Transgender also maintains the behaviour. We are respect them but they not when the matter is equality then they have to maintain the behaviour.

  • Suraj M.
    11/08/2019 04:33

    Great job done by the police .

  • Bittu K.
    11/08/2019 03:41

    Is police wale ki aisi ki taisi

  • Saddam I.
    11/08/2019 03:37

    Hijade Hain sale Police wale

  • Karan K.
    11/08/2019 02:54

    Gunda Raj , in Ko Saja milni chahiye

  • Santa M.
    09/08/2019 11:05

    Oye MIZAPUR! đŸ€ŁđŸ€ŁđŸ˜‚đŸ˜‚

  • Abhijeet M.
    09/08/2019 10:45

    They are not even fit to be in that designation or position in the year of 2019India(this is where we are now)! Those uneducated arseholes need more of moral policing than anyone others on road!

  • Faisal M.
    08/08/2019 10:15

    Real face of Indian police