Priyanka Gandhi Speaks For Jamia Students

“This is our nation, your nation and the nation of the kids who you beat yesterday.” Priyanka Gandhi held a demonstration at India Gate after the police crackdown in Jamia Millia University.

17/12/2019 2:23 PMupdated: 14/01/2020 12:14 PM
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  • Akshay G.
    02/01/2020 07:12

    Burt india what you want to show

  • Jaswant K.
    31/12/2019 05:26

    बोली बोली इटली की खान

  • Jaswant S.
    24/12/2019 17:01

    When your mother said he is laso ka sodgar hai we did not belive but m and shah have come in true colour maa ki baat karte karte gun nikal lee godhra is in their blood.

  • Sukhjit S.
    23/12/2019 21:57

    Crocodiles tear ...

  • Sudheer G.
    22/12/2019 19:36

    Your party killed thousands of sikhs

  • Chaitra P.
    22/12/2019 09:19

    so sad this is happening Priyanka.. with support of "able leaders" like gandhis n cong, we can expect the chaos to reach mount everest summit 😡😠🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️😜😜

  • Adv N.
    22/12/2019 07:17

    Uncle ji aurat ke aawaj me baat kr rahe hai...

  • Santosh S.
    21/12/2019 21:04

    Madam please distribute at least 1% of your accumulated wealth collected by your husband among the poor citizens of India.

  • Rachel A.
    21/12/2019 19:45

    well said mam. I appreciate your wisdom.

  • Supriya P.
    21/12/2019 12:13

    Support CAB and NRC . Who are they to destroy national property

  • Manesh R.
    21/12/2019 10:40

    Hey Priyanka, where are you children, are they protesting too... Or other's children are enough for your agendas

  • Indra K.
    21/12/2019 04:10

    This is grand daughter of ex prime minister who is preaching about democratic right whose grand mother imposed emergency in India to save her post.Lakh of people were put behind bars thousands were tourterd to death.The whole India was turned into jail.University were closed ,university leader were tortured and killed.

  • Vishnu S.
    21/12/2019 03:04

  • Tushar M.
    21/12/2019 00:33

    She is still!

  • Praveen T.
    20/12/2019 20:03

    Remember Mrs Priyanka your grandmother is also a dectorship

  • Pravin K.
    20/12/2019 18:47

    Ye Italy ke ki aulad democracy jarror dikhaye .....the thing going on is the exact reason why we were slave to foreign hand.. ..all the sixers are still advocating

  • Virendra V.
    20/12/2019 14:37

    its not Jamia or Students but the politicians like Kanhaya Kumar, Owaisi, TMC, Congress nd others who are stoking the fear in their minds. These ppl needs to be exposed.

  • Rakesh M.
    20/12/2019 14:13

    You are not Indian you are Italian... daughter of an Italian bar dancer.... so don't lecture us........

  • Deven P.
    20/12/2019 11:44


  • Suresh J.
    20/12/2019 09:40

    Sorry our kids are decent children not hooligans whom Sonia claims to be indian children's. They deserve because they are wasting their parents hard earned money by not studying and partcipating with hoologans in arson, riots etc

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