• Jason J.
    a day

    Raghav has made mistake and should accept it he is still denying how ignorant he can be towards such sensitive matter

  • Sunita B.
    2 days

    What will you take to Go out of India....

  • Lucy K.
    2 days

    Oh well let's look past it why can't we let go minor things it's not that big of a deal..

  • Annapurna S.
    3 days

    another example of til ka pahaad

  • Sangeeta N.
    4 days

    If the kid says she can speak Chinese that doesn't mean you will start calling them by names! it doesn't sound funny at all. Your apologies doesn't sound sincere at all so stop saying sorry for the sake of saying.

  • Aj H.
    4 days

    Why is it when someone is accused of being/saying or behaving in a racist way, their first thought is to start defending themselves instead of trying to understand the importance of the dialogue that people are having around it? I am so sick of this new way of apologies where one says I apologize "if you were offended" like freaking apologize for it and mean it. Seriously if people start worrying more about not saying offending racist things instead of feeling sorry for themselves for being called racist, the world would be a better place.

  • Avinash A.
    5 days

    Even in his explanation video he's being so racist, I guess he doesn't even realise it. Reason why education is necessary for everyone. 🤦

  • Amit T.
    5 days

    I am sure he didn't meant it in a racist way but If casual remarks like in the video is normalised than it will lead to people feeling it fine to call someone chinky or Chinese.

  • Prathit J.
    5 days

    his defense video makes him an even bigger idiot and an asshole

  • Pemdiki S.
    6 days

    i think the page should not show him justifying his part and blaming the script or the director and still not accepting his fault ,racisim is just not limited to northeast,the very mindset of mocking Chinese language ,a hundred year old cultural race is a racist remark in itself.

  • Prarosarv C.
    6 days

    beta tu dance kar ,,, kuch jyada hi uchal raha hai

  • Abhik N.
    7 days

    Shi h.... Bht majak krta h

  • Bairabi H.
    7 days

    So because she gibberish Chinese that's why you call her momo, chowmein? I wonder what else you might have been calling the child if (like u said) was going on for a long time. Your videos shows no remorse at all. To me you are insensitive, naive and no so well educated.

  • X N.
    7 days

    This is what happens when you run your mouth too much and try to be over acting ka dukan. Hope this is a good lesson for him.

  • Krishna K.
    27/11/2021 03:30

    Racist 1 kehta hai ....aur jinjin me aisa negativity hai jo bina samjhe kuch bhi kehdena..aise log uss 1 wale k peeche peeche chalne lagta hai...

  • Ekta S.
    26/11/2021 15:04

    Yes raghav is right

  • Kirankumar L.
    26/11/2021 06:45


  • Joel D.
    25/11/2021 18:53


  • Sujit C.
    24/11/2021 16:42

    You idi*t.Hold your tongue & stop overdoing your trash joker show.

  • Rajeev T.
    23/11/2021 19:16

    This is not the 1st time for insulting or passing racist comments on us.. This bitch mouth should be shoved with some dark shit, and bash his mouth, so that he wont dare do it ever again.. 😤

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